We Are The Imperfection

Devin Deangelos never had an easy life. He had a hard life. He suffered from ADHD, Dyslexia and as he grew, those problems only grew with him... alcohol addiction, anxiety... mild stages of depression. Join him on an emotional journey through the life he wished he could have changed as it explores such issues as anger, death, first love and of course IMPERFECTION.
He is not a hero... he is not within perfectionism...
We are the anger, we are the fault, we are the imperfection.




An imperfection. A blemish on the skin, a scrape in cement- broken concrete- something unclear. A cloudy vision of what something should look like, but looks the opposite. A matter of perception.  Perception. How others see you, how you see yourself? It can never truly be deciphered. Nothing is crystal; everything has a mist over it somewhere. Don’t take life as it comes, dig deeper. Dig for the imperfections because they are what set us apart, they are what make us human. If that is a crime, then we are all guilty as charged. You know you’ve heard it before- and I know you have- but nobody is perfect. And is that not just fine, is that not great? That’s what Devin was taught. That’s what he lives by.

Devin Deangelos, not a nobody. He is a boy with something very special.

He is not a hero. He does not hold the qualities of a hero. He has no powers. He is not within perfectionism. He is a fatal flaw in the barricades of society. He is an unwelcome trait. He is a product of the fault. He is not a hero, he is an imperfection. 

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