That's All I Knew

A teenage girl goes into high school never really having a true boyfriend and when she finds someone that finds her "beautiful" things happen to her that she didn't anything about because she knew no different until he comes.


2. Taking A Chance

Brandon POV

When I was walking on the bus I just felt dread come threw my mind. I hated the thought of a new school where I have to pretend like I'm a nice person and introduce my self over and over again to new teachers and dumb classmates.

I just hope my brother was right about all of this. He said it was like a new start to everything but also the beginning of your entire life. No pressure.

Normally I'm the type of guy that never really sticks with one girl for a long time. I'm I guess you could stereotype me a call me a player but I have my reasons.

I dated a girl named Abby for about 2 and a half years. First love. I had fully convinced myself that she would be my last. I wouldn't have to worry about all those heartbreaks or anything.

That's when I found out she was cheating on me.

I know what your thinking yeah we are young but still we also have feelings and a heart but particularly mine is now closed.

That is the reason why I am constantly changing girl to girl. When I start getting attached or I see they are I cut them off.

It's my way of not getting heartbroken again.

But all of that suddenly stopped for a second when I got on the bus.

Who is she? She looks so...peaceful and vulnerable.

I at least have to try to get to know her.

"Can I sit here?" I asked.

"There are clearly more seats than right here." She said in a smart tone. Someone's feisty.

"Fine I guess" I said back taking the seat in front of her not giving up just yet.

What do I do now? She sort of looks familiar but I don't remember her name. I'll just introduce myself like I don't know her.

"I'm Brandon by the way" I said. Why the hell did I say that. She probably thinks I'm so stupid.

"Hey, we have met before. I was in your homeroom last year." She said barely even making eye contact with me. Shit. I have to play it off now I look stupid.

"What's your name again? I've slept since then." I asked laughing a little just going with it.

"I'm Skylar." She said with he head slowing coming up from her daze.

Then she started looking at me and smiling. She was so beautiful.

It can't be her. She looks different.

"Seriously?!?" I asked without even thinking. I guess my brain was just making sure.

"Yeah?" She said giving me a confused look.

"You've changed ALOT over the summer." I just looked up and down her body making sure.

"Is that a good thing or bad thing?" She asked. Shit. I didn't mean for her to take it that way. It was a compliment..

"A VERY good thing." I said with a smirk planted right on my face. No shame there. If you saw the same beauty I did then you would do the exact same.

She thanked me.

We were approaching the school.

This bus will end but I don't want our I took the chance and asked for her number.

She gave it to me but after she peeped over the seat as I was putting her name in the new contact spot. I just hope it's not awkward if she saw it.

This is going to be a great school year I can tell. There is just something different about her. I have to just get to know her.

I'm just afraid that I will let my rep and past get in the way of something we might become...

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