Candice-2 *ON HOLD*

•Sequel to 'Candice'
Matthew and Candice were in a car crash,and Candice has been in a coma for a while. Once she wakes up,everyone realizes that she's lost her memory,the doctor says that she has 2 weeks to gain her memory.
Will Candice regain her memory?
Are Janet and Sam still in the picture?
If they are then did THEY cause the crash?
If they didn't then who did????


8. Chapter 8

Katie's POV

I was reading a book when Lucas walked in. I looked up,gave him a smile and I kept reading,it was a really good book. It was about a girl that runs away from all of her problems and she runs into her dreamworld...I wish that could be me. I turn the page and I put the book down,Lucas sits next to me,I look at him and I sigh.

"How come you never told me that you smoke?" I ask,Lucas just shrugs,I let out another sigh.

"Are you...disappointed?" Lucas says,I give him a small smile.

"No,it was just unexpected..." I say. Lucas stands up to take off his shirt,then I notice that he has a tattoo.

Lucas' Tattoo:

I stared at it,it was an interesting tattoo,it got me thinking about getting one. I just watched Lucas as he got in the bed next to me,he wrapped his arms around me and I slowly fell asleep.


I woke up to the smell of bacon,and my alarm. I stretched my arms out,yawning. I stood up and walked down the steps,rubbing my eyes I walked into the kitchen.

"Hey,Sleepyhead" Lucas says. He is placing bacon on a plate,he hands a plate to me,bacon,waffles,and eggs. I give him a smile and I head to the dining room. I sit in a chair and I take a bite of my waffle. Then Lucas walks in and he sits next to me,he kisses my cheek and stuffs bacon into his mouth.

"Hey,wanna do anything today?" Lucas asks. I give him a smile and I nod.

"Yes,I was thinking about going to this new zoo that's in town,after school today..." Lucas nods. I finish off my food and rush upstairs. I brush my teeth and put on clothes and lip gloss.

Katie's Outfit:http:

I put my hair up in a ponytail and I grabbed my bag,I walked down the steps to meet Lucas. I hopped on his motorcycle and put on my helmet,then Lucas started to drive.


Everyone stared at me as I handed Lucas his helmet back. I looked at Lucas and he just shrugged and drove away. I walked towards Candice and Alice and they greeted me.

"Hey,guys...." We all turned around,we just couldn't believe it.

"What do you want Sam!?" Candice spat.

"Well...ever since Janet left..."

"Don't pull that s**t on us!"

"Candice!" Alice scolded,but she was just so angry she just kept going.

"No! We were best friend ever since we were three,and then you go and let popularity take over you! So you ditch me,and pretend like I'm just some piece of crap that doesn't need to exist! Oh and let's not forget the fact that you almost ran me over,and you broke into Matthew's house! You also turned my own mom against me! Janet is not here,Sam! No one is going to help you get to the top! Oh yeah! You were never even close to the top! You were only popular because you followed Janet around like you were her little puppy! You're done Sam! Finished! You know what!? Just leave! I don't want to see you ever again!" Candice yells. Alice glares at Candice and she walks away,I pat Candice on the back and we walk inside.

Candice's Outfit:

Alice's Outfit:

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