Candice-2 *ON HOLD*

•Sequel to 'Candice'
Matthew and Candice were in a car crash,and Candice has been in a coma for a while. Once she wakes up,everyone realizes that she's lost her memory,the doctor says that she has 2 weeks to gain her memory.
Will Candice regain her memory?
Are Janet and Sam still in the picture?
If they are then did THEY cause the crash?
If they didn't then who did????


7. Chapter 7

Katie's POV

Alice and I were at our house watching a movie,then I get a phone call.

"Hey Lucas!" I say.

"Hi! I'm picking you up in thirty and bring a swimsuit!" Lucas says,I giggle. I say 'okay' and I hang up. Alice looks at me and she smirks.

"Date with Lucas?" I nod and I run up the steps to take a quick shower.


I go through my closet and I finally pick my outfit. I put on my bikini and I put on an outfit over it. I put my hair in a high ponytail and I put on waterproof makeup. I sigh as I give myself a look in the mirror.

"You look WONDERFUL!" I tell myself. I give myself a smile and I get a text from Lucas saying that he's here. I smile and I run down the steps and meet him outside.

"Hey" I say,Lucas just smiles and hands me a helmet. I put it on and I sit behind him on his motorcycle. I wrap my arms around him and he start to drive.

Katie's Bikini:

Katie's outfit:

Katie's Makeup:

"We're here" Lucas says,he parks his motorcycle and I look up. It was a quiet,empty beach next to a forest,it looked like an island.

"Wow..." I say. I hop off of the motorcycle and my feet hit the ground,I walk towards,but I'm stopped by a gate. I sigh and look at Lucas,who's walking towards me.

"There's a gate,and it's locked!" I say,Lucas smirks and he jumped over it,he hold out his arms and he pulls me over.

"Isn't this like,trespassing?" I ask,Lucas scoff and he shakes his head. I smile and I take off my clothes,revealing my bikini. I noticed Lucas staring at me,I rolled my eyes and I playfully slapped his arm. He laughed,I looked at the ocean,I ran towards it,I walked,letting the glistening water engulf my feet. I looked up to face the sky,looking at the stars as my feet splashed as I walked. Lucas walked beside me,I stopped and I looked at him,he blinked and he looked down at me. He smiled and he put his hands on my hips,he smirked and he picked me up.

"Lucas?" He chuckled before throwing me in the water. I reached the surface and I squealed, the water was cold on my body,I ran after Lucas,the sand getting between my toes. I slowed down and I eventually stopped and sat on a bench. Lucas eventually joined me and we looked at the stars some more.

"Beautiful..." Lucas says,breaking the silence.

"I know..." I whisper,connecting the stars with my eyes.

"No,I mean you..." I look at Lucas,into his eyes. I blush,I put my hand to my cheek and I smile.

"No one has said that to me before...." Lucas raises an eyebrow.

"Really?" I nod,Lucas inhales and he grabs my hand.

"I love you,Katie...." I smile I rub his hand with my thumb.

"I love you too,Lucas..." Lucas smiles and slowly leans in. I smile and I lean,soon,our lips our touching,they moved in sync. Lucas put his hands on my waist,I wrapped my arms around his neck and I ran my fingers through his soft,brown hair. I pulled away and blushed.

"Let's get you home!" Lucas says I nod and he leads me to his motorcycle. I stop as Lucas hands me a helmet.

"Wait! I still have on my bikini!!" I say.

"I think you look great! YOLO!" I roll my eyes and I playfully smack his arm. I put on the helmet and I sit behind Lucas.


"Here we are" Lucas says. I frown once I get off.

"Stay..." I say. Lucas looks at his feet.

"C'mon! My dad was over a few weeks ago,you can use the clothes he left!" Lucas nods and he turns off his motorcycle,he gets off and I smile.

"Just give me a minute,I'll be inside..." I nod and I go inside of the house. I go up the steps and I get in the shower.


I went down the steps to see if Lucas was still outside. I peeked outside,and I saw Lucas,smoking a cigarette.

"Ummm..." I gasped and quickly covered my mouth.

"Sorry! I just... Yeah..."

"It's okay it was just unexpected...." I say. I give him a half smile.

"I'll be in my room..." I say. Lucas nods and I go back inside and go back up to my room.

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