Candice-2 *ON HOLD*

•Sequel to 'Candice'
Matthew and Candice were in a car crash,and Candice has been in a coma for a while. Once she wakes up,everyone realizes that she's lost her memory,the doctor says that she has 2 weeks to gain her memory.
Will Candice regain her memory?
Are Janet and Sam still in the picture?
If they are then did THEY cause the crash?
If they didn't then who did????


6. Chapter 6

Candice's POV

I honestly thought that this would be all over... I guess that I was wrong,Janet and,maybe,Sam are still following me around,waiting for the perfect moment to torture me...or even kill me... I swallowed as we slowed down.

"STOP!" I shouted,Janet has led us into the middle of nowhere,but I gasped as I looked in front of us,Janet was standing on the edge of a cliff.

"What!? What do you want!?" Janet shouted.

"I should be asking you that question,Janet!" I said. Janet looked to her feet,her hands dropped to her sides and she looked up at me.

"Ever since Matthew started to like you.... I just got so jealous and I really loved him its just that,I like the idea of guys loving me so much,and since I have all of this beauty and popularity,I just don't want to let it go..." Janet says,she looks at the ground and she wipes a tear. I let a tear slip also. Janet shook her head and she looked down.

"Maybe I just need a break..." Then she spread her arms.

Alice,Katie,Matthew,and I shouted" NO!" But it was too late...Janet has committed suicide. I dropped to my knees and I cried,I couldn't believe that all this time,Janet was just a kind,jealous girl.

Wednesday (Janet's Funeral)

I was in Matthew's room,putting on make up,I let out a sigh as I put on the last bit,I stepped back to look at myself in the mirror,I gave myself a nod and I left his room to meet the girls downstairs.

"Hey guys..." I said.

"Hey" Alice said,Katie gave me a wave and Matthew led us to his car,he started the car and he drove off.

Candice's Outfit:

Candice's Makeup:

Alice's Outfit:

Alice's Makeup:

Katie's Outfit: (Minus the coat)

Katie's Makeup:

Once we arrived we hopped out of the car.

"Well this is it..." Alice said.

"I never thought that we would be here..." I say.

"Ok..let's go" Katie says,we all nod and go inside.

*Skipping Funeral*

I got out of Matthew's car and I walked inside his house and straight up to his room,I laid back onto his bed,I slipped my heels off and then Matthew came in with his pj's already on. I walked towards my bag and I gave Matthew a look,he put his hands up and he turned around. I slipped off my dress and i slipped on my baby blue silky short shorts and an oversized t shirt. I went back to Matthew's bed and I pulled the covers over my body and I went to sleep....

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