Candice-2 *ON HOLD*

•Sequel to 'Candice'
Matthew and Candice were in a car crash,and Candice has been in a coma for a while. Once she wakes up,everyone realizes that she's lost her memory,the doctor says that she has 2 weeks to gain her memory.
Will Candice regain her memory?
Are Janet and Sam still in the picture?
If they are then did THEY cause the crash?
If they didn't then who did????


10. Chapter 10

Candice's POV

*Candice's Dream*

~ I was just walking,I don't know where I am though. It was all white,white flower pedal fell from the sky. I was wearing a long white dress,I pulled the dress up slightly so I could see my feet,barefoot. I let my dress go and I kept walking. As I walked,I heard whispering in the distance,I spun in a circle.

"HELLO!?" I yelled. Then I noticed a figure in the distance,a person! I ran towards the figure,and once I got close enough I gasped.

"Janet?" I ask,but she's looking down,she's whispering something,but I don't know what she's saying. I walk closer to her and I place my hand on her shoulder.

" IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" I gasped,Janet turned into this demon once she looked up,her eyes were pitch black and had blood dripping from them. She had long,bony fingers and sharp,chipped teeth. Immediately the scene changed. The ground was a mixture of dirt,mud,and dead grass. The air was thick and smelly. I stood up and I ran,my dress turned into a short,ripped dress,with patches of dry blood and dirt in some places. I flinched,I could hear Janet repeat those words over and over. I knew what she was talking about,Janet's death.

As I ran,everything literally turned upside down. The bottomless sky was on the ground and the ground was on the top,I suddenly stopped and I panted,but I made a big mistake. The ground disappeared so I had no choice but to fall into the bottomless sky...~

I woke up with sweat on my forehead and neck,I was breathing heavily. I took deep breaths,taking in what just happened in the horrible nightmare that I just had. I shook my head and looked at the clock, 9:00 AM. I sighed and got up to get in the shower. I was late for school.


Candice's Outfit:

I let my hair stay loose and I walked downstairs.

Skipping school...

"Hey,I'm going to go to Katie's" I tell Matthew. He nods and I step outside,I decide to walk because I just needed a walk.

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