When did you realize?

"When did you realize?" Niall said. "I always knew" He took myface and put it against his as he passionately kissed me


1. forever

" Give it back!" I shouted 

"You'll never get it Ari!" Niall screamed

We both laughed as we ran around our street, Niall moved here when i was 5 and we had been friends ever since,  that conversation happened when we where 5 years old, now im 21, with a full blown music career, me and Niall hardly have time to see each other but now, it will all change.

"Ariana!" Scooter called

I ran in, i was only recording so i was wearing my jogging bottoms with a lace short sleeved top and some dolly shoes.

" Yeah" i said

"I hope you're ok with this but, ive booked you to tour with one direction!"

"Oh my god" i stuttered before running up to Scooter and hugging him 


I havet seen Niall in forever, i wonder if he even remembers me, i remember him, i always will.

"Im glad you're ok with it, they're coming in later to see you" Scooter smiled

"Today?" I panicked



I sprinted into my dressing room and picked out a beautiful long pink dress with a slit in the side so half of one of my legs showed, i paired it with my peach pumps and curled my hair and threw it into a high ponytail. For my makeup i applied some foundation and some setting powder, then applied a baby pink blush and put on some fake lashes then some mascara. I looked at myself in the mirror.


"That'll do" I thought to myself


Then i walked out into the room and there they where, all there but all i could notice was Niall.

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