Best Friends FOREVER ... Fight!

Holly and Anna are best friends and always have been but now at their first year at Gendville Secondary School will they be BFFs forever?


1. 1 - Holly

Anna and I have been best friends since we were two and have never ever fallen out for more than a day. Our parents are great friends too and we always go to each others houses. Today will be my first day at Gredville Secondary School. We say GSS for short. I am sooo excited I can't wait to meet all my teachers and see the drama department. Drama is my favourite subject and Anna says I can be a bit of a drama queen when I get upset and I can't really disagree with her. I live only five minutes away from school and Anna lives in the next village about a three minutes walk away. I wanted to walk to school but mum insisted I go in the car with her because it was my first day. I arrive at school two minutes late because my mum had to drop off my little brother at pre school. Anna was already there and beckoned me to come and sit next to her for the welcome assembly by our head of year Miss Turner. My mum gave me a kiss on my forehead and scurried off to work. I sat next to Anna and listened to Miss Turner saying to come to her if we had any questions or if we were worried. She finished talking ans said it was time for us to be put in houses. There are six houses, named after famous authors as GSS was a specialist school in English, Rowling, Bronte, Austen,Dickens, Morpurgo. I wanted to be in Austen as I absolutely love Pride and Prejudice - no such luck I was in Rowling so was Anna.     

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