May The Best Man Win

"You can't tell anyone about this" I muttered my heartbeat racing at his presence. My mind was mixed with emotions of fear and also love. Nobody could ever find out about this and him working for my Dad didn't help.


2. May The Best Man Win - Chapter 2


May The Best Man Win

Chapter 2

Harriet's P.O.V

"So what's your name?" My pencil froze on the paper, my equation half solved. I looked over to my left slightly not moving my head and sure enough he was looking at me. 

"M-me?" I stuttered and took a deep breath trying to keep my cool. He chuckled slightly and pulled off his snapback. He perfected his quiff and replaced his hat.

"Yeh you, everyone else is working" He pointed out gesturing around the classroom. The desks were old and wooden, but I kind of liked them. There were large windows on the back wall showing off the car park and many trees surrounding it. I looked to the people on the desk by us and then to everyone else in the room and sure enough they were scribbling away. 

"Oh um" I began placing my pencil firmly onto my paper and looking up at him fully. I hated the way my insides melted at the sight of someone good looking. I pushed my fringe out of my eyes and swallowed thinking of a fake name. 

"Olivia" I spoke confidently trying not to show I was lying. The corners of his lips lifted up as he smiled wider.

"No it's not" 

"Yeh It is" I decided to fight back and keep the convocation going considering I hated maths and was dying for a distraction.

"No It's not, I can tell when your lying you look uncomfortable and blink more then you were earlier" He lowered his voice not wanting the teacher to catch us chatting and not working. Shit. He can tell when I lie. 

"Ok ok, It's Harriet" It slipped out before I could realise what I said. Shit Harriet. Shit! You've really mucked up now. 

"Well, nice to meet you Harriet, I'm Liam" He smiled again and took a quick glance at the board where Mr Baker was writing up more equations. 

"Ok everyone, times up" Mr Baker called catching everyones attention. The rattling of pencils being placed back onto the wooden desks echoed around the room. 

"Right so based on what we just learnt can anyone tell me what the answer to this equation is?" He pointed to the first question on the board as a couple people put there hands up. 

* * * * * * *

The bell rang signalising that first lesson was over. Thank god. I stood up my chair scrapping the floor and gathered my books. I swung my backpack over my shoulder and tucked in my chair.

"Remember to revise chapter 5 for the test tomorrow!" Mr Baker called as people flooded out of the room. I looked over to the door to see Zayn waiting for me. I smiled and quickened my pace before feeling someone grab my wrist not to tightly but tight enough for me to stop heading for Zayn. 

"You left this" Liam handed me my pencil and I smiled.

"Thanks" He released his grip and I continued walking to Zayn. I stopped in front of him and he pushed his quiff back.

"Hey" He greeted me and I pulled him into a tight hug. I'm used to being with Zayn 24/7 and this hour we were apart felt like forever. We made our way out of the classroom and into the busy corridors. I fiddled with my hair making sure it still covered the deep purple cut on my shoulder. 

"Where's you next class, love?" I heard a deep voice. I looked to my left to see the Harry guy from earlier. He had one foot against the wall and he leant backwards in a sort of cocky way. 

"What makes you think I need your help?" I asked getting slightly annoyed that this guy wouldn't leave me alone.

"Because you have no fucking clue where your going?" He pointed out. Him cursing caught me by surprise. I never swore. My dad swore all the time, but I just never thought it was a good thing to be doing. I'm not at all surprised he swore though. His tattoos, piercings and attitude really made me expect that. 

"True, but I can manage" I turned my back to him leaving a shocked expression plastered over his face and a smirk on mine. Zayn was smiling, I could tell he was holding in a laugh. I started walking in the same direction everyone else was walking in. He was right I really did have no clue where I was going. I sensed Zayn following me down the brightly lit corridor. 

"Ah!" I heard someone gasp from further down the corridor. I looked up to see a tall woman rushing towards us. She had long, blonde, wavy hair falling gently down her shoulders and a white crop top which barely held her boobs in. She wore a black pencil skirt which barley covered her thighs and a red blazer. 

"Harriet and Zayn Malik yes?" She asked even though I already knew she knew it was us by the way she ran over here. I just nodded earning a smile from the lady.

"Well, I'm Mrs Robinson, I'm the head mistress here" She politely introduced herself and Zayn held his hand out to shake hers. 

"If you would like to follow me then I can get you too a locker and show you around if you like" She began heading back the way she came from a smile still plastered on her face. Her white teeth shone brightly and her heels clicked on the wooden flooring.

She stopped in front of a wooden door which had a sign on. It read 'Mrs Robinson's Office" In black letters. 

"If you would wait here a moment I'll just go and fetch the keys for you lockers" She smiled again and disappeared into her office.

"Well she's in a happy mood" Zayn laughed and I joined him. 

"At least she's nice" I replied earning a nod from Zayn. The office door opened and Mrs Robinson exited.

"This way" She headed back down the corridor and me and Zayn followed. We retraced our steps from earlier and returned in the locker room. 

"Ok so here are you keys" She began handed both of us a silver key. They each had a number on them. Mine was 112.

"0-100 lockers are this way" She pointed to the left of her down a long corridor with red lockers on either side. 

"And 101-200 Are this way, any numbers higher are upstairs" She smiled before continuing her sentence. 

"I'll leave you guys to find your lockers and put your bags inside, Just come to my office if you need anything." She waved and headed down the corridor back to her office.

"What number are you?" Me and Zayn said in unison and laughed.

"I'm 112" I informed him dangling my key in front of him.

"Oh" He sighed

"What are you?" I asked curious on how far apart our lockers would be.

"357" He sighed showing me the key.

"Oh" I've never been away from Zayn. Today is certainly the longest we have spent apart and looks like it's going to stay this way for a while. 

"Well see you in a bit" He laughed and headed for the stairs.

"Cya" I looked at the signs which indicated what lockers were where from the corner of my eye to double check she had told us right. I scanned the walls. 

"101,102,103,104" I began after walking down the corridor for a while I found my locker. I was red the same as all the others and was next to a window where the corridor split into 4 different ways. Next to the window was another sign. It read "120-150". the other signs of the other 3 walls had the same sign just with different numbers.

"Great! I bet this part of the locker room get's crowded" I sighed to myself slipping my key into the locker. 

"You bet" An irish accent came from behind me and I jumped. I turned around quickly revealing the blonde from earlier. Niall.

"Sorry, did I startle you?" He smirked walking towards me. 

"Um yeh kinda" I replied with a lot more sass in my voice then intended. 

"Whoa feisty one" He laughed slipping a key into the locker next to mine and pulling out his books.

"Why are you out of class then?" He asked as I unzipped my backpack and pulled a couple books out. I placed them on a conveniently placed shelf. 

"Mrs Robinson wanted to show me and my brother around and gave us a locker" I replied digging into the side pocket and pulling out my water bottle.

"Oh yeah, isn't your brother the one that tried to kill me this morning?" He asked

"Oh yeah, sorry about that, I don't know what got into him." I laughed not explaining the real reason I'm to stay away from him.

"Why are you out of class anyway?" I changed the subject placing my bottle next to my books. 

"I had History" He shrugged shutting his locker and pulling out his key.

"So?" I laughed.

"I don't like History?" He replied as if it was obvious. 

"Oh" I replied getting the impression that he obviously skipped class. I dug back into my bag and pulled out a chalk board. It has magnets on the back and stuck to the inside of my locker. 

"Your not one of those super organised girls are you?" He asked as if annoyed. I placed the box of chalks in my locker and laughed. 

"Kinda" I shrugged pulling my phone and headphones out of my bag and stuffing them in my pocket before hanging my bag on the hook on the back of my locker.

"Why would that bother you? It's not like we'er friends" I laughed not caring how horrible it sounded, I couldn't be friends with him anyways. 

"I know, we can't be anyways" He replied just standing there starring at me closing my locker. 

"Why not?" Did he know?

"Harry already called you" 

"He what?" I nearly chocked on my own breath.

"He called you, that means nobody else can be friends with you, asked you out, sometimes even speak to you" He laughed like it didn't matter.

"That's not up to him?!" I raised my voice a little to loudly.

"I know, he's a dick isn't he, keeping me from you" 

"What?" I laughed, I thought we could just have a normal covosation, but apparently he has to practical tell me he likes me.

"You heard me" He replied confidently

"Sorry, but your not my type" I replied in the nicest way possible. I'm new at this school and I'm in no position to be horrible to people.

"What so your Harrys?" He asked his eyes opening wide.

"No way!" I laughed pulling my key out of my locker. The bell rang as I shoved the key into my pocket. 

"Anyways see you around"

"Bye" I replied as he walked down one of the corridors. 


Authors Note

Hope you all enjoyed Chapter 2!

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-Fiona x











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