May The Best Man Win

"You can't tell anyone about this" I muttered my heartbeat racing at his presence. My mind was mixed with emotions of fear and also love. Nobody could ever find out about this and him working for my Dad didn't help.


1. May The Best Man Win - Chapter 1


May The Best Man Win



Chapter 1


Harriet's P.O.V

"Have a good first day at school darling"

My dad patted my back supportively. As I nodded the wind caught my dark brown hair and it blew off of my shoulder.

"And remember what I told you" He said handing me my bag

"No friends and especially no boyfriends" I recited his words from earlier and he smiled.

"That's my girl" He kissed me gently on my forehead and waved his last goodbye.

"Have fun!" He called after me and my older brother and we only laughed.

"He's way to protective" I sighed as the wind blew viciously again causing my hair to lift off my shoulder once again. 

"Maybe you should tie that down?" Zayn flicked the pile of messy curls falling over my shoulder. 

"We don't want anyone seeing that scar" He said more quietly this time turning his tanned face to see if anyone was near by, luckily they weren't. He rubbed his thumb against the deep purple mark on my shoulder by my neck. I flinched in pain and backed away from him. 

"Sorry" He apologised pulling me into a quick hug as he arrived at the school gates. We stopped in our tracks and admired the view. This was like no other school me and Zayn had ever been too. The large buildings at least three stories high were dotted with large windows. The dance surrounding the school was painted white and bushes and flowers decorated the small patch of grass next to the pathway which led to the entrance. I took a deep breath and took another step reaching out to the door. 

"Wait" Zayn tugged at my jumper and I stepped back to his side.

"We can do this together" Zayn began reciting what my dad had told us as kids. I smiled knowing it was my turn.

"No matter how hard things get" Zayn hugged me tightly once more and I laughed it coming out as a muffle as my head was hiding in the crook of Zayn's neck. 

"Zayn, I'll be fine" I stated rubbing his arm. He always worried about me and It was sweet in ways, but also got really annoying. 

"I know" He took my hand and shoved his fingers in between mine before taking a deep breath. We both stepped forward, Zayn opened the front door as the noise came rushing out at us. We were faced with a crowd of teenagers our age pulling there stuff out from there lockers, chatting to there friends, fighting or making out.

"God i hate high school" I muttered to myself taking a few more steps into the giant school. My hazel eyes scanned the room. A girl with blonde hair wearing a cheerleading uniform gave me and evil look as she past. Her look changed as she saw Zayn standing at my side. She looked his up and down and then Zayn noticed. 

"Hay, I'm guessing you new here?" She asked her voice high and girly. She flicked her hair and fluttered her eyelashes at him. I hated when girls flirted with Zayn. and I bet he hated it more as he wasn't aloud to get close to anyone. 

"Um yeah" Zayn replied nervously tightening his grip on my hand. He'd never liked it when he got hit on.

"Can you just tell us where room 10 is please?" I interrupted, her look turning to disgust as she looked at me. I never took much care in my appearance. Leggings and an over sized jumper was always my go to outfit. She continued chewing her gum and starred at me. 

"It's that way, love" A tall guy with curly brown hair tucked into a beanie past. His lip and eyebrow pierced and tattoos covered his arms. He smirked at my shocked look.

"Like what you see?" He stooped walking and stood against the wall dropping his bag on the floor. He gave Zayn a quick glade and returned to me. 

"Not exactly, but thanks" I replied slightly laughing to myself. I picked up my bag and swung it over my shoulder before it was pulled off and in the arms of the guy with tattoos. 

"I'll take that for you, love" God why couldn't he just ask for my name instead of calling me love? He swung it over his shoulder and began to walk away before he stopped and turned to look at me.

"You coming?" He asked impatient crossing his arms and Zayn stepped forward. 

"I think she can hold her own bag" Zayn stated taking my bag from his grip and handing it to me. God knows what I would do If I didn't have Zayn to stick up for me all the time. Zayn's eyes stayed starring at the guy. He seemed to brush it off and continued walking. Me and Zayn followed him as I whispered a small 'thank you' in his ear. We turned many corners of corridors, the walls covered in lockers. 

"Hay man" The guy who was leading us to room 10 shook someones hand. His arms were also covered in tattoos, but his were colourful. He had a blond hair which was hidden under a black snapback. 

"Who's this hottie then?" He pointed to me making me feel uncomfortable. This school was going to be a nightmare if I got hit on every second. 

"This 'hottie' Is my sister and you better back off before I make you" Zayn stepped in front of me his dangerous side coming out. I hate when he get's angry. I guess It's good sometimes, but a lot of the time it just makes things worse. The blonde who was hitting on me stepped back and held his hands in the air to jokingly surrender. 

"Allright, calm down" He smirked before quick glancing at me once more. I looked down at the floor not wanted to be met with his deep blue dreamy eyes. I knew he was no good for me. 

"No, I won't calm down" Zayn made his way forward as the blonde stepped back from him. 

"Zayn" I muttered pulling him back. I didn't want any violence, especially on the first day at this school. I pulled him back and he returned to my side. The blonde guy slowly walked away looking me up and down smirking. We continued walking.

"I don't want you going anywhere near that jerk" Zayn whispered to me so his friend wouldn't hear. We dodged a few people pushing past trying to get to there classes.

"Why not?" I asked. I mean yeah he's a jerk, but I don't see why he reacted like that. 

"Remember when dad researched this school before we came?" He asked lowering his voice even quieter then before. I nodded as a sign for him to continue.

"That's Niall" His words left me paralysed for a moment or too. N-niall. I mentally slapped myself from stopping Zayn from hurting him. He could have punched the life out of that jerk. I felt someones books crash against me as I smacked back into reality. A guy much taller then me about the height of Zayn stood in front of me. He had soft brown hair with tiny ruffles in it stuffed under a snapback just like Niall hat his. He blinked his brown eyes softly and parted his lips to speak. 

"My bad" He smiled and bent down to pick up his books and my bag. He handed it to me and I smiled. He didn't have as many tattoos as some of the people I had seen around, but he was certainly the muscliest person I'd seen in a long time. 

"T-thanks" I stuttered starring into his dreamy eyes. He began walking again in the other direction. I turned back around to have Zayn's eyes glaring at me.

"Remember what Dad said" He pointed out and I sighed.

"No boyfriends" I replied and he nodded. We turned our attention back to the guy we were following he had stopped at a door.

"Room 10" He gestured to the door. Me and Zayn both smiled and walked inside. 

"Just remember if you need anything else, I'm always happy to help" He smirked at me as I past.

"Well if your offering, you never told me your name" I stated stopping in the doorway.

"It's Harry, and yours?" He asked still looking into my eyes. My heart paused remembering I couldn't give away any details. 

"That's for me to know and you to find out" I smirked and continued following Zayn into the classroom. I felt about 20 eyes fall onto us and my cheeks began to burn a rosy red. I was terribly shy when It came to a lot of people I didn't know. The guy who stood at the front of the classroom turned his gaze off of the computer screen to me and Zayn standing by the doorway in his classroom. 

"Ah yes!" He exclaimed rushing over to us. 

"Everyone welcome our new students Zayn and Harriet" He spoke loudly gesturing to Zayn and then me. 

"Hmm, let's see you can sit here" He pointed to the desk next to the blonde cheerleader from earlier. Great. Zayn sighed and walked over to his desk.

"And you..." He looked around the room before the door burst open behind me. 

"Sorry I'm late sir" I turned around the reveal and tall dreamy eyed boy I bumped into earlier. God why does he have to be in our class? I'm not aloud to fall in love. 

"Perfect timing Liam" The teacher exclaimed letting Liam walk past to his desk and he pointing to the seat next to him.

"You can sit there" Were his final words before he turned back around and walked over to his computer once again. Is he serious? I tried to smile and walked over to where I sat. I placed my books on the desk and tucked in my chair. Luckily Liam hadn't said anything yet. My concentration was on the teacher who's name I now new was Mr. Baker. He was wearing a shirt with a thin tie going down the middle and black trouser. These teachers dress really smart. I thought to myself as I focused on his demonstration of some sort of maths equation on the board. The hour lesson went by slowly, It was so boring and I couldn't wait for it to be over. 



Authors Note


I hope you liked Chapter 1 and I'm trying to make my chapters a lot longer then the usually are so they will take longer to write.


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-Fiona x




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