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Jesse is an up and coming musician. He is 13 years old. He looks up to Eminem and The Beatles. He posts a few music video's on youtube and they go viral.


1. Recording

Jesse's POV:

I wake up to my parent's gone for work. I put a bagel in the toaster for breakfast. I decide to turn on the TV. I change the channel to "Fox" and watch The Big Bang Theory. A typical morning. As I eat my breakfast I see an ad for a contest. The ad says "We are looking for new talent, so we are holding a contest. Make a video of you performing, send it in to us and post it to YouTube. You win if your video is the most popular. The winner gets a record deal. Contest ends July 30th 2014." Today is July 16th. I ate my breakfast as fast as possible and ran upstairs. I grabbed my sunburst gretsch guitar and recorded myself singing "Yesterday" by The Beatles. I uploaded it to YouTube and sent it to the contest. Left to wait

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