Free Falling Shifters

"I feel the wind in my feathers, and...I can't think of any other way to live. The free way. That's how I live. And I enjoy it." If you were an animal shape shifter, what would you do? Be free, live free...but what if something stops you from what you really need, really want, and the only thing to do is fight against your wishes?


1. Flying Free.

        I feel the wind of the night whipping through my feathers, and I feel like the freest animal in the world. Cawing a cry, I swoop up as high as my heavy set wings will let me, and free fall, letting my red kite skin slide off, soon to be replaced by the skin of a sugar glider.

        The night sky was inky blue, the moon its silver eye, and the stars its little, shining bright children. I was glad I had shifted into a sugar glider, as the red kite didn't have much to offer with eyesight-but, oh, the sight of the shiny, bejewelled children in the night sky were marvellous, especially with the huge, almost animated eyes of the sugar glider.

        As the ground rushed to meet my tiny little body, I quickly morphed into the proud body of a wolf, and I hit the crunchy, leaf littered earth running. Slowing to a stop, I raised my head, and howled as long and as loudly as my throat would let me, until my ears picked up the sound of others calling to me.

        Picking up a momentum, I ran full speed through the forest until I burst through to a tree surrounded clearing, where the other wolves where scattered. Their heads all swiveled to meet my eyes. Most dropped their gaze almost immediately. Others held my stare as if to challenge my authority. Snapping and snarling at them until they stopped, I walked toward the one reddish brown coloured wolf who I knew was the same as me.

        A shape-shifter.


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