Cuts & Kisses

Ciel has fallen into depression, his mind distorted with illusions and misery loving his company. He doesn't have much interest in anything anymore, with a small exception for cutting and his demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis. When Ciel is finally put on suicide watch, Sebastian thinks he can save his young master.


1. Chapter One - Reasonable

**This is a Boy x Boy fanfiction. It includes strong themes of self injury, suicide, and sex. Don't like it? Don't read it.**

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroshitsuji or any of the characters. All I own is the plot of this story.


Ciel Phantomhive lied on his bed, his knees curled up and his eyes closed. Sebastian briefly peeked through the door and saw his master asleep. He smiled a little, then shut the door again with a soft click.

The young earl opened his eyes and grinned. Finally alone, he thought. Ciel sat up on the king sized bed and searched through the nightstand to his left until he found what he searched for.

Ciel opened the black box that contained all of his rings. He peeled the left corner of the box's lid and smiled. He picked up the small piece of metal, admiring the silver as it glinted in the moonlight. After a moment, he sliced two long strokes down his forearm. He made many cuts across his wrist, creating a latter figure. He made another ten cuts - no, much more than that - before the razor blade became dull.

Gritting his teeth, Ciel stormed off to the bathroom and had shut the door, taking the dull razor with him. Ciel searched the bathroom cabinets and found unused, disposable shaving razors. He smirked. Perfect.

He tore the unused razors apart. He grabbed one of them and pressed the metal against his skin. He pressed it down deeper, with more force than he ever had before, and made another cut. Ciel continued to do this without stopping until his arm was covered in scars. His scarlet blood gushed out, causing red stains on his nightgown.

Ciel stumbled to the sink, almost fainting half-way, and ran tap water down his arm. His closed his eyes, and wondered if Sebastian could smell the scent of his blood. With him being a demon, Sebastian's senses were probably more sharper than an average human's. It was reasonable.

With the tap water still running, Ciel's knees weakened and buckled beneath him. He crashed onto the white tile floor, feeling dizzy, and made sure that the door was still locked before closing his eyes.

But, as it turns out, the door wasn't locked. Sebastian kneeled to the young master, and began cleaning Ciel's wounds.

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