The twelve roses


1. I met you

Me and my best friend were going to go to a one direction concert. We had two hour before the concert. So I called up Carly to see what she was doing and to she if she wanted to come over.

"Hey Carly you wanna come over?" I ask her. "Sure I'll be there in a little bit." She said as she ended the phone call.

So as I was waiting for her I was getting ready. I still needed to get my hair done but I was waiting for Carly so she could help, when I was finish I moved on to my poster so I could finish that to.

She I was finishing my poster I heard a knock on the door, it was Carly. " hey open the door!" I heard coming down the stairs.

We were heading towards the room and when we got there we connected the straighter and the curler and we were doing each other's hair and when we finished we both headed to the living room and wait he's until it was time to go.

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