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1. Dress Search

"Daniella Maria Lopez ! You can't always be late or we will have to call your aunt! What's your reason today !?" Mrs. Blunt flew her arms in the air as she said that. A chalk in a hand and tentacles in the other. Mrs. Blunt was our 11th grade English teacher. She was old and had white curled up hair. She always wore red lipstick on her tiny wrinkly barely seeable lips. Mrs. Blunt wears black pencil skirts and t-shirts with scarves around her shoulders, her shoes are black and have little heels. She was one of my favorite teachers because she was old and gave great advice when i needed.

"I'm really sorry i woke up pretty late today." i gave an unsure grin and ran to my desk which was in the back of the class, 4th row, 5th seat. I sat near Tess. She was really smart but didn't look at all like a geek that you see in the movies. She had long blond hair that was wavy and she also had blue highlights towards the end. She had big blue eyes that match her hair and rosy pink lips. She was very beautiful and skinny. She was average size in height. The Perfect Tom Boy. Tess didn't have much friends. Her life revolved around school, hair dye, and video games. We barely talk but when we do, i really enjoy it. I took my notebook out and copied down the vocabulary Mrs. Blunt wrote down in perfect cursive on the green chalkboard. As i scribbled down words on the white lined paper, my long straight golden-colored hair got in the way. I stroke the piece of hair behind my ear and bent down to continue writing. The class time went by slowly. I kept looking up at the Elmer's School, red clock. It ticked and ticked. I was so concentrated on the clock i could hear the sound the arrows made. When i actually looked at the time, we had just 5 minutes left and i had just copied half of the notes. I looked around me to see all the students packing and then at my paper. I rushed through the paper with my pencil. This happened almost everyday.


At lunch, I'm in the schoolyard, my usual hang out place. I have no friends but when i am there, i can relax and do what i like. I was leaning on the spray painted wall, near the trash. It didn't smell the rose but that's where boring people like me belong. At home, I live with my Brother Tristan and my Aunt Angela. My parents died a few years ago in a car accident when i was in 7th grade. It was hard for a 13 year old to live without parents. My brother Tris, was always here to help me when i was feeling down or upset. We are like best friends. He is in University, well he is going to Uni in 3 months so for the time being he is at home. Tris and I were shipped here to America from London, to stay with our Aunt Angela. I love her, she is like my second mother. I plug my earplugs in my ears and slide my iPhone in my faded blue skinny jean's pocket. The music plays in my ears while my eyes close and i puff on my cigarette. As i blow out the smoke i let a little cough out. "Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle...." comes out from the plugs. As i want to puff one more time, i hear footsteps. I quickly throw my cigarette on the grave floor. I use my feet to stamp it so it turns off. I take my plugs out of my ears and off they go in my pocket with my phone. I hear the steps getting closer and my heart beat getting faster. No one in this school knows that i smoke because no one barely knows me. Tess. It was Tess. I breath out loudly for relief with my hand on my heart.

"Did i scare you?" Tess's soft voice asks.

"Oh no it's fine i.. i was just hanging out.." I couldn't tell Tess the truth.

"I know you were smoking." She gave me a smile and came closer to me. One foot on the wall, she was leaning too, right next to me.

How did she know?

"How do you know?" I give her a confused look.

"Don't worry i won't tell anyone." She tried to change subjects. I believed her so i changed subjects too.

"Hey uh i came here to ask you something.?" Tess wasn't leaning anymore, now she was in front of me with her hands crossed. She still had a smile on her face.

"Yah?" I answer taking another cigarette out my other pocket.

"I'm doing a homecoming party for my cousin and i was wondering if you would like to come since i consider you as my friend." I couldn't believe what Tess just said. She considers me as a friend and i just got invited to a party!

"Of course I would love to Come Tess and don't worry you're my friend too."

"Thanks Dani!" Tess picked her bag up from where she was leaning and waved me good-bye while she turned to get back in the school building. I puff on my cigarette a couple of times and use the wall to clean the ash off my cigarette.


When I was walking home, i had met Tess so she could give me the invitation. I was very please. The theme was broadway. Her cousin must be one Cocky Guy. I was sitting on my bouncy bed. The sheets were a beige that matched the white walls. Yes. My room is pretty fade. I look up to the ceiling thinking of what a guy named "Niall Horan" Could look like. He probably was blond like Tess and had big blue eyes too. I didn't know. I got up from my bed and ran to my vintage closet. i opened it and found all my clothes neatly folded and divided into different sections. I take out a dress my mom had gave me when i was 12. Since i was not very big or tall, i thought it would still fit. It didn't. I took my phone and closed my closet. I headed towards my door that had posters on it. I opened it and ran in the hall to get to the kitchen. My aunt's house wasn't very big and we only had one floor. The hall had a little window that gave sunshine to the hall. There were little holes at the top of the ceiling but we didn't have much money for all the fixing and food and school and uni and all of that ! I arrived to the kitchen with the smell of desserts. My aunt owned a bakery so she made delicious sweets. Today it was Ice-Cream Pie! When i got in the kitchen, my aunt was baking. The dough smelled already delicious. Angela was a brunette who had shoulder length hair and blue eyes just like my dad. I didn't have anything from mom or dad. They were both brunettes. My dad had blue eyes and my mom hazel. I was blond and i had grey eyes. Angela was a gorgeous 37 year old woman and she was the best thing that happened to me after my parents. I went to her and have her a kiss on the cheek, then grabbed an apple and sat on the counter.

"How was your day?" She asked with a smile that lights up the whole room.

"Pretty normal except Tess, the nice girl, invited me to a party " i said taking a bite of my apple.

"Isn't that great! Are you going?"

Angela said putting her dough in the oven and taking off her baking gloves. She took a chair and sat near me.

"I want to but i have nothing to wear. Its a homecoming party for her cousin and the theme is broadway!"

"He must be a real party animal but that's alright when's the party?"

"Oh it's Friday night starts at 6 and ends at 10."

"The party is Friday! Which means after tomorrow and you have nothing to wear ?" Angela sounded confused and shocked.

"yep!" i said in a happy way.

"Tomorrow i'll pick you up from school and we will go shopping! how does that sound?" Angela had a huge smile once again.

"great!" I got down from the counter and threw the leftovers of my apple in the bin. As i headed to my room i gave Angela a kiss on the cheek again and left.


At the table, Tris was back from the gym so Angela, Tris and I were sitting around the tiny table in the dinning room. As we finished our prayer, we said "Amen" and let go of each other's hands. Tonight's dinner was : Pasta and Pesto.

One of my favorite.

"So? Dani how many cigarettes today?" Tris teased. I was 16 1/2. Smoking made me forget all the stress but people told me to stop.

"Why would you care?" i answered back, twirling my fork around the pasta so it git wrapped around the fork.

"Because you are my baby sister!" He gave a grin, so did Angela and me.

"3" I said.

"Only! Well that's good you are decreasing!" Angela was happy for me.

"Yh that's good." Tris said.

I knew he was sarcastic but oh well i still love him. Tristan is the brunette type of guy you would see on tumblr with beanies and skates. He was a handsome guy and if we weren't related i would probably fall for him.

An hour later, it was 9 and i was really tired so i went to bed.

***Next Morning***

Tomorrow was the party and i was so excited to go shopping for clothes. i hurried on my skateboard as my long blond hair flew behind me underneath my beanie. I wore grey sweatpants and plain T-shirt. Pretty boring outfit but yah! I strolled down the neighborhood with my skate, going on little stairs or street bumps. I had a lot of fun every morning by doing this. I also smoked on my skate. One puff, two puffs, three puffs, four puffs, and i throw the cigarette on the road. Doing all these skate board tricks also got me late.

***Lunch at School***

Tess and I were in the schoolyard while i was still puffing.

"So what did your aunt say?" she said while looking for a song on her phone.

"Well After school i'm going shopping because i really have nothing in my closet!" I said puffing. Tess turned her music louder and now she got up and started swinging her body. I stopped leaning, crushed my cigarette on the wall and swung too. We chuckled about how crazy we were until someone tapped on my back. I turned around and Saw 'Leigh-Anne Chesterfield' The biggest bitch i knew.

"What do you want?" I said looking up to her eye in eye and crossed my arms. Tess turned her music off and looked at Leigh-Anne in a bad way like me.

"Oh nothing just wanted to inform you that you were filmed dancing and that the video will be up in 3...2..."

"Oh stop it ! Come on just leave us alone." I said pushing her shoulder back. It didn't affect her she just looked at me in a 'fuck you' way and said, "1! Bye bitches!" She said, turned around and left.

***Mall Time!"

When Angela and i were in the car, there was so much traffic so i had time to explain everything that had happened to her. I told her about the dancing, about school, about the type of clothes we are getting etc.

"I think we should get you something sexy!" She said while looking at me and smiling, one hand out of the car window and one hand on the driving wheel.

"I'm not so sure."

I said leaning my head against the closed window. The opened window of Angela brought some wind some we didn't need the AC.

"Why not?" she said driving forward then turning left.

"Well... Because idk i just want a simple dress i can throw after the party."

"Oh don't be silly hun !"

We laughed and told each other jokes until we arrived to the Mall.

The mall was massive and had over 200+ shops. There were many little coffee shops to take breaks. I wasn't the type of girl that would go to a mall i would mostly go on skating rings or surfing beaches. Shopping wasn't my thing. Angela led me in a shop where there were tons of long and short and both at a time, and so many dresses ! My eyes widened as i walked towards a dress. It was strapless and the whole top was shiny! It was shorter in the front than in the back and the whole lower part was sheer pink! It was such a pretty dress. Angela was on the other aisle so i called her over.

"Wow !" She said while touching the dress.

"That's the one i want !" I was so sure about myself.

Angela called the clerk over so we could get the price and size.

"Here is the XS" The clerk gave me the dress with a big smile on both of our faces. As The clerk and Angela were talking, i went to the full length mirror and put the dress in front of me. I'm sure i'd look prettier than ever!

Hey Guys Working on the Next Chapters sorry im really busy lately ! Comment what you think will happen at the party ! 😘

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