The World From My Perspective

I over think things.... This is how I over think.
Plus a few thing that just pop into my head.
And a bit of advice.


3. My Favorit Quotes

Hangman is great it teaches you that by saying the wrong thing you could end someones life

I don't know who's quote this is but I love it.

It's so true, by saying the wrong thing you can hurt some one badly.  Even if you don't realize that what you said hurt them.  My one friend said something once that was just simple and she didn't realize that it would hurt me, she still doesn't know it hurt me.  All she said was that you can't make a living off of being an author.


Don't look back, it's not where you're going.

Chris Hadfield   

Every one is going forward, it doesn't matter how slowly or how fast.



Pressure motivates, release  teaches.

Pat Parelli

I'm not really sure what to say for this one, other then.  If you are going to pressure some one into doing something make sure they get a release.  How ever weird that sounded I think you got my point.


Ok, I have to go now, bye.

 Tonks Fairyworth*

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