The World From My Perspective

I over think things.... This is how I over think.
Plus a few thing that just pop into my head.
And a bit of advice.


1. One

If someone says you cant sing, SING LOUDER! 


Try not to let people tell you what you can and can't do. 

If someone asked me who motivated me to do well, they would be really surprised.  Cause it is the people who said simple thing like "You can't make a living off of being an author." And "she'll out grow horses."  Yes that hurt A LOT but I simply looked at it from a different perspective and went "Wow I can't wait to give you a free signed cope of one of my books!" Because I WILL prove them wrong.!

So wether someone says you can or can't YOU CAN!


Authours note,

Hey please let me know what you think.  And tell me if I miss spelt anything.

hope you like it, I got the idea from Katy Erin (if you aren't a fan of her you should be  she's awesome:)!)  

  Tonks Fairyworth*

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