Andriana moves from Bradford to England to fulfill her dreams she wanted to work for her sick mother she had no one to rely on as her father and best friend walked out on her just then when she saw someone the person who half broke her heart that she didnt want to see will she be able to forgive and start over again?


1. good bye


I wore my leather jacket and finished brushing my fringe i put on my beanie and walked over to my sick mom ma i half whispered im ready i said as i leaned over and gave a kiss on her pale cheek "OK honey" she said i a rough voice barely talking my mom is really sick with pneumonia she was also depressed with the way my idiot "dad" walked out on her i was tormented and had no friends i had one once a long time back but i found out that friends are never by your side through tough times i hadn't finished school cause of lack of money so i was leaving my mom behind to work and be able to help her i was going to England i kept in touch with a distant cousin of mine named Eleanor i was going to stay with her for the moment i was away, right now i was in tears looking at the pale face of my mom who once was the bravest ladies i knew i changed two i was once this kind of lumpy girl who wore specs and her hair was in a bob who was insulted through out her high school life and her  friend who was once in her life had left she still remebered him had his picture in her mind  but who is he no one i thought friends would at least call or say hello but no way the anger still remained alive and i would never forgive him  due to depression and  loneliness i changed i had anorexia i use to starve myself and not eat for weeks i have become skinny i stopped wearing my specs and wore lenses i grew my hair and stopped wearing the kind of rainbow girlish clothes i used to i bet Eleanor wouldn't remember me cause the last time i met her was when i was about ten i walked out and hailed a cab i went in the plane determined to be a musician and make my mom better again nothing or no one would make me happy again no one ! 



ok if you enjoyed this part so far like thanx directioners love u all mwaahx :) <3 

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