Bent and Broken

He said that,"our love was like the stars, endless and beautiful"

When we were together we were no longer the bent and broken.

He then turned his back and walked away.

( one direction not famous )


3. one year later

"Riley... Riley!! Wake up! " my dad yells from outside my door before walking away.

It's been a year since the accident and a lot has changed. I was once a daddy's girl. Probably the reason I called mom that night and not dad,so I didn't get the look. But now the look is all I get.

" Riley I swear if I come in there and your not out of bed I will drag you out" my fathers voice fills my room. " yea yea I'm getting ready" I yell back before jumping out of bed.

My style has changed a lot this year too. due to quitting the cheerleading team I no longer where the uniform everyday, so now I have a new look. Skinny jeans, Connie's and a simple top always seem to do the trick.

I quickly Ty my blond locks in to a messy bun, than apply simple make up and get dressed into my light blue denim jeans and simple white tee.

As I walk down the stairs to catch the bus I bump in to my brother Tom " Oh hey their kiddo how you hanging" I say trying my best to give him a worthy smile.

" I'm fine " he says to quietly an quickly before rushing past me up the stairs leaving me standing by myself with a frown.His healed from the accident but he has a massive scar that reminds us off what happen that night. As for me I have one two scars on my back but my face is a daily reminder to my father of the loss of the women he loved.

I sigh before grabbing my bag and books and heading out the door to the bus. I head straight to my seat at the back were no one sits next to me an so I'm the last one off the bus.

I rush to my seat where I sit down and begin to scroll through my Facebook. I see a photo of Liam and Amy together ew.It's no secret they go out and that she jumped at the chance to take my place as caption for the cheerleaders. They don't talk to me, we'll not to my face and I don't talk to them. Simple. Not after the funeral anyway.

I don't really have that many friends any more I just hangout with my Guy best friend Niall. His like a brother to me that I've known forever and the only one that doesn't just see me as the girl with the died mother and left me when it got tough. His on the football team with Liam they uses to be mates but after he cheated on me Niall hates the guy.

" Omg no way " two girls in front of me start to gossip loudly about something. " So you remember Marcel Styles the geek from elementary and the start of middle school" said a girl that wore way to much make up." yea... I heard his coming back" the other girl replied in a hush tone." We'll yea he is, but his changed so much. his mum married some guy he didn't like. and he turned in to a Total hot bad ass and goes by his middle name .....Harry" she says in the worst sexy voice before jumping up and down on her seat.

" Omg Lizzie I can't wait to see him" the other girl squeaks so loudly I move back in my chair knowing that was enough for me to stop listening.

Marcel styles... Haven't heard that name in awhile , that would mean his sister Gemma's back. Gemma was pretty cool we were pretty good friends she was a few years older but we both clicked really we'll . And as for Marcel I hope this new thing he has going works for him. He used to get bullied a lot, I used to bully him. We'll at least when I was with my friends. After school or if I Hanged out with his sister we use to talk at one point you could say we got really close, but not really in public. God I sucked. Still do.

" Riley sweetie you might wanna hope off" Ronda the bus lady says kindly.

I smile to her before walking off the bus.Ronda's One of the only people I don't feel like punching by seeing there face in this hell hold.

" Riley!! , Riley !! " a Irish voice calls out to me." God Niall you don't have to yell" I say grinning at the sight of him " Sorry but did you here the news " he says wiggling his eyebrows up and down." What" I say knowing his gonna tell me anyway"

" We'll my friend.....I just saw that Mr Marcel Styles is back but.." Before he could finish his sentence I interrupt him." He goes by harry and his now a bad ass, a hot one I herd" while winking. "We'll yea but I wouldn't say hot " Niall says stunned before grappling my hand and pulling me to our Monday year level meeting.

As we make our way through the doors Mr Jones is standing next to a tall figure with curls popping out from a black Bennie. Before I could take my seat a pair of deep green eyes meet mine with a smirk to match as two dimples pop out from each cheek. No one was lying he was no longer the Marcel I knew. The geek who wore glasses and dressed like he was 80, no he was hot... He was ... Harry styles.

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