WWE One Shots


8. Will you be my perfect distraction? (Krystal's Imagine)



{Dinosaur Diva WE hope you like it!} 

"The following 6-person mix tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first being accompanied to the ring by Nikki Bella. The tag team of Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella and Krystal Calaway!!!...And their opponents the tag team of The Miz, Aksana and Tamina!!!" Lilian announced us and then we waited to see who was gonna start the match. Finally after fighting over who was gonna start the match itself. Tamina and I started, we kept throwing punches but because we've fought before we pretty much dodged each others moves. I finally caught her off guard and got the upper hand. I had her in a submission move hoping to end this match quickly before anyone got seriously hurt. This a bit of a grudge tag team match. But before Tamina could tap out of Hell's gate Aksana ran in, kicked me and made me release.



Brie came in running and clotheslined Aksana. I got up and speared Tamina and tagged in Bryan. Miz and him fought it out for sometime while Brie and I kept Aksana and Tamina from interfering. Bryan and Miz were down so all of us got on the apron and waited to see who was gonna get tagged in. Bryan hot tagged Brie and Miz hot tagged Tamina. It was a good match until Brie tagged me in. I was alone in the ring with Tamina. She looked like she was gonna tear me apart. I was beyond scared but I shook the feeling off and stood my ground. But before I could run for her The Shield's music played. Brie, Tamina and Aksana ran into the back scared of what was gonna happen next. Miz and Bryan stayed. "Krystal, get out of here! Now!" Bryan yelled over the music but I ignored him.



"Krys, did you hear me? I told you get out now!" Bryan said again. "Yeah Bryan, I heard you the first time. I'm staying right here." I reply watching The Shield go over the barricade and slowly make their way to ringside. Seth reached for a mic but didn't talk he just stared at me. And right before I could say or do anything I heard Miz and Bryan yell "Watch out!" but I didn't hear them in-time. I was hit with an object. Luckily I was awake long enough to see my attacker. AJ my opponent this coming Sunday at Survivor Series. I blacked out and the next time I opened my eyes I was in the hospital with Brie, Bryan and Seth in I can only assume is my hospital room.



"Brie, Bryan, Seth what happened?" they stood there. Not one peep out of them. "I remember my match with you two as my partners. And our opponents were Tamina, Aksana and Miz. The match ended with no winner and then The Shield's music played after that I don't remember." I said hoping someone would tell me. "Brie, Bryan can I talk to Krystal alone?" Seth asked. "Uh sure, get better Krys. Seth call us if there's anything." Bryan replied. They hugged me and left. "Are you gonna tell me what happened tonight after my match?" I asked. Seth got up from the chair and sat next to me on my hospital bed and began to speak. "Our music played we came down to the ring. I was supposed to distract you and after your match I wanted to tell you something but I couldn't. The second I saw you." he paused. "What?"



"The second I saw you I couldn't do it, then when I was about to AJ came running into the ring and clocked you over the head with the title which knocked you out for sometime. The ambulance got you and brought you here. Bryan and Brie trailed behind but not before I asked if I could tag along. I wanted to make sure you were alright. And now that you're awake I know you are okay. So if you want me to leave I will." he finished. "No, Seth I don't want you to leave. I want you to stay." "Are you sure? I am the reason why you're here after all." "Yes, I'm sure. Hey you said you went down to the ring because you had something to tell me. What did you want to tell me?" "Nothing." "No, it was something. What was it?" I continued wanting to know. "Fine I'll tell you." He took a deep breath then continued.



"Krystal, I like you. A LOT. I was just scared that if I told you, you wouldn't feel the same about me. I didn't want to risk the embarrassment being televised all around the world." I was smiling and tears wanting to fall. "Seth, I like you too. I've always wanted to tell you but I wasn't sure when and how. Now that I know you like me and you know I like you." I paused. "Krys?" I looked into his eyes. "Will you be my perfect distraction?" I asked with tears streaming down my face after what he just told me I couldn't hold it in. He leaned in and kissed me passionately. We pulled away and he asked. "How's that for a yes?" I just giggled.

{Chapter written by Miss Kyle.}

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