WWE One Shots


1. Summerslam (Ashlynn's Imagine)



{This one is for Ashlynn Summers I hope you enjoy it! Also as a side note MOST imagine's will be in the character's P.O.V.}

My brother and I are getting ready for our big match tonight. It's gonna be us verses Brie and Bryan. "Honey, I want you and your brother to be safe out there. We all know how much both you and Brie hate each other. I don't want you to get hurt. You have a daughter to take care of and it won't do you or her any good if you can't move or get out of bed." My mom says. "Your mother is right. But remember hold nothing back. Tonight is gonna be one to remember I just know it." My dad says. "We know mom. We're always as careful as we can be. You don't have to worry...much." Ryder my twin brother replies. "Mommy!" "Nikita, How are you? Has daddy been good to you?" I ask. "I'm okay. And yes, He took me to get ice cream." "You got ice cream and didn't get me any?" I ask playing with her.



"Yeah, we stopped and got ice cream on our way over to the arena. I didn't think you'd want any?" Randy replied. "It's ice cream of course I'd want some." I replied pouting. "And that's why we brought you a sundae." Randy said as he brought the bag out from behind him. "Good. I don't have much time to eat it right now so Nikita I guess you can have some more ice cream if daddy says you were a good girl." I say turning towards Randy to hear how she behaved today. "She was a good girl like always." Randy says hugging Nikita. Uggh she's such a daddy's girl. She learned it from me. Might I add her father is WWE Superstar Randy Orton. "Alright then you can have some more but I want you to share with your grandma and grandpa." I tell her. Shortly after Ryder and I left it was time for our match.



We came out to our NEW Entrance theme. "The following contest is a mix-tag team match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first From: Los Angeles, California the tag team of Ryder and Ashlynn Summers!" Then Brie and Bryan came out. "And their opponents the tag team of Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan!" The crowd cheered for them they even started the "YES" chant. It was unbelievable that even though Ryder and I are fan favorites Brie and Bryan had the fans eating out of their hands. The match went back and fourth. It was nearing the end when Sheamus's song came on and I was distracted. You see I've had this HUGE crush on him since day one. I didn't see him at all today. While I was distracted Brie drop kicked me. I got back up and started fighting back when she caught me off guard and clotheslined me.



It took me awhile to get back up and when I did she hit the Bella Buster and pinned me 1...2...3. "Here are your winners Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella!" Ryder was sprawled out on the ground outside the ring. Bryan had just performed the suicide dive on Ryder. Brie and Bryan ran out into the back before I could tackle her. "Ashlynn. Ashlynn, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry you lost the match but I came out here 'cause I have something to tell you and it can't wait. I talked to Evelyn and James and I finally decided with their help to tell you..." And he paused. "Tell me what?" I asked after I grabbed the mic. "It's nothing." He replied. "No, you said after you talked with my parents you decided to finally tell me something. What is that something Sheamus?" I ask badgering him. Finally he gave in and snapped.



"I LOVE YOU! I love you Ashlynn. I've always loved you. That's what I wanted to tell you I just wasn't sure how." He said while walking towards me. "I love you too Sheamus. I've always loved you." "Good, You have no idea how much I've wanted to hear you say that 'cause I have something to ask you." He says while getting down on one knee he pulled out a black velvet box. He opens it and proceeds to talk "Ashlynn Summers, I've loved you since the first day we met. I knew the moment I laid eyes on you that you were the woman for me and I want to make you mine forever. So will you marry me?" He asked showing me this beautiful engagement ring. "YES! A MILLION TIMES YES!!!" I say while tears stream down my face. He slipped it on. I can't believe this is happening.



We've been friends for years and never not once did we got out and know we're engaged. I hugged and kissed him. We pulled away as he said "Each stone represent's me, you and Nikita. Also it's princess cut for my beautiful princess." I just smiled as he swooped me up into his arms and carried me out bridal style into the back and we walked into my locker room and had the best time with my family. We watched the rest of the PPV. They couldn't believe what happened out their tonight. My dad was right tonight was gonna be one to remember. Summerslam will forever be my most favorite PPV ever. I will remember it for the rest of my life.

{I hope you guys liked this chapter. I had fun writing it. - Miss Kyle}

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