WWE One Shots


32. Spooky date (Tori's Imagine)


{Tori hope you like it!}

I looked all around the room not finding him anywhere. "Hey Tori! What are you doing?" "Oh hey Paige! I'm looking for Justin." "Who are you gonna dress as tonight?" "I'm not sure yet. I was kinda thinking a WWE Superstar but then I kinda want to dress as my favorite video character. It's a tough choice." "Well you better hurry up because the match is up in half an hour." "Good thing I brought both costumes." that's when I spotted him. "I'll catch you later." I waved to her and carefully made my way quietly to him. I stopped once there were a few feet between us and I jumped his back. "Hey what the-" "Hey werewolf!" "Tori! What you up to?" "Right now I'm gonna make you take me to catering and help me pick out a costume." "It'll be my pleasure." he took me to catering and we grabbed a little snack and water.

"So what do you have in mind for a costume?" I stared away and began thinking. "Well I was thinking about dressing up as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider but then I thought that's too girly so for my other choice a WWE Superstar." "I like it. Which superstar were you thinking?" I leaned in whispering it to him. He liked it so much he told me to dress up as that. "Well I should get going. The match is soon and if I'm gonna dress up as him I have to start now and rush over to the entrance area." he hugged me and wished me luck in the match. I hurried up to get dressed and I practically did parkour on my way over to Gorilla. "Tori! What's under your coat?" Paige moved it trying to see. "Hey! No peaking!" I moved her hand. I watched on as they made their way down to the ring and it was my turn.

My music played and the lights turned down low like always. I climbed into the ring and waited for the lights to come back on. Just before the bell rung I removed my coat to reveal an Undertaker costume. Not just any Undertaker costume. Bad Ass Undertaker. It was all my idea. The whole crowd cheered like no tomorrow giving me an advantage in the match. I eliminated a lot of the divas and won by giving Nikki a big boot in her skanky face. "Here is your winner and the #1 contender Tori Crossbones!" now I'll be facing AJ Lee for the Divas title. I walked into the back proud of my victory when Justin pulled me in for a big hug. "I'm so proud of you! I know you can beat AJ now prove me right." I smiled. "I will." "Now shall we go back and watch the rest of the show?" he held his arm out and I linked mine in his as we walked off.

During the main event he didn't seem himself. And he wasn't even watching the show. He was watching me and I know it because I could see out of the corner of my eyes. When I caught him I couldn't help but blush. "Something up Justin?" "Just one thing." "What's that?" "You." I looked at him weird then he leaned in and kissed me. "What was that for?" "I like you. Will you be my date to the party tonight?" he smiled cheekily at me. "I would love to be your date."

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