WWE One Shots


41. Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose (Ashlynn's and Katie's Imagine)



        *Ashlynn's POV*



"See you out there Ash!" AJ said walking off. I started roaming the hallways until our match later on tonight. I came to a complete hault. I felt mischevious at this moment. "What to do, what to do?" I asked myself tapping my finger on my chin. I scanned the whole room seeing what I could do. My eyes landed on a room. "Perfect." I smirked looking around seeing no one was looking so I just had to sneak in. I placed my hands on my hips deciding what I wanted to do. Finally I came to the answer. "Let's trash this place!" I threw anything and everything that was in sight then I walked out closing the door behind me quick and walked over to catering. "Hey Ashlynn! What're you doing?" "Nothing just sitting around while I wait for my match." "May I?" I nodded. Dolph sat down. "Right. I heard you're fighting Katie, Paige and AJ for the Divas title?" he asked. I nodded.



"Yep. And I plan to win." "Does AJ know that?" he chuckled. "She knows me and she knows I go in with the full intention to win." "All I know is you two will put on a damn good show." just then he was called away. His match against Cesaro is the first match of the night and it's next. Not too long after Seth came in scratching the back of his neck looking confused. "What's with the look?" "Stephanie." was all he said. "She tends to have that effect on people." "You mean she tends to have that effect on you." "Same damn thing." he laughed. "No. I walked into her office to talk about my match and found the place was trashed. It looked like a tornado ran through. Then Stephanie walked into the room and found me standing there. She just started yelling at me and blaming me. She thought I did it." I managed to contain my laughter.



"Well I should get going." I nodded knowing if I spoke a word I would break. "What are you up to?" AJ asked standing next to me watching Seth walk off. "Nothing." I shook my head. "That's a lie. You have that look again." she stepped in front of me. "What look?" "The look that says you did something and got someone in trouble and you really really want to tell so spill." "I trashed Stephanie's office and Seth got blamed for it." "Does he know you did it?" "Are you kidding me? If he knew he'd go running to Steph and I'd get fired." "You don't know that." I stood there. "Go find him and tell him." she shoved me. "Go!" I walked out to find him. I know she's just trying to get to me because she knows I like him. I reached his locker room and knocked on the door. "Come in!" Seth shouted. I cracked the door open. "Are you decent?" "Depends. Why are you here?" he teased.



"Nice try." "Yeah. I'm just getting the last minute gear on." I walked inside. "I just came by to say good luck on your match with Ambrose." "Thanks. From all the stories I've heard about the Hell In A Cell I'm gonna need all the luck I can get." "Did you talk to Randy? Maybe he could give you some advice?" "In case you haven't noticed Ashlynn the guy kinda has it out for me." "I've noticed. But if you mention that I sent you or suggested he help you then he just might." "So the stories are true." he stated. "What stories?" "People have told me you have Randy wrapped around your finger." "Maybe." he nodded. I wanted to tell him that it was me that tore apart Stephanie's office but Joey came in with Jamie right behind him. "Hey Hunter and Stephanie want to see you." "What is she doing here?" Jamie questioned Seth like I was some kind of disease.



Just when I opened my mouth Seth cut me off. "She's none of your business." and that's all he had to say. They walked out waiting for him. "I'll see you later Ashlynn." he winked at me and walked out. I stood there almost shocked but at the very same time not so shocked. Katie passed by the locker room and stopped. "Hey did you see Dolph won?" "No but I didn't expect him to lose." We walked over to a room where some of the other divas were and continued to watch until Paige came in. "Hey our match is next!" AJ, Katie and I followed her outside the room and over to Gorilla. Halfway through the match it really seemed like there wasn't gonna be a winner since there was a lot of double pins and roll-ups but finally it was broken and it was down to Paige and I in the ring both AJ and Katie where too busy with each other to notice.



"C'mon!" I shouted measuring her up for the Ash-A-bar (Tilt-a-Whirl Fujiwara Armbar). It took no more than 10 seconds and she tapped out. I released her and dropped to my knees shocked. I did not expect to win that quick. I mean I knew I would win but not this soon. Tears started streaming down my face. I was beyond ecstatic. The referee brought me the title and I held it close to my chest just crying. I got back up on my feet and raised my hands. The crowd cheered me on. I jumped off the apron and slapped the fans hands. The second I walked past the curtain I was greeted by my friends. After sticking around for a few minutes I was on my way to get changed but when I reached a hallway I was stopped my someone. "Hey congratulations on winning. You deserve it." Seth said to me. "Thanks. I really worked hard to get here and now I have this." I stared at the title. "And now you have a big target on your back." I shrugged.



"I'd like to see them try and take this Divas title away from me." he chuckled. "That'll be something to watch." neither of us said anything. Things got awkward. "So uh-Hey!" he paused. "You wanna go get something to eat after the show?" I looked at him with smile on my face. "Sure." "I'll come and get you after my match and we'll head over to this one place that I keep hearing about." "Okay. I'll see you later!" I winked walking away. "Ashlynn wait!" I spun on my heel and lips met with mine. I was caught off guard but kissed back almost immediately. "Seth your match is next!" Joey called out to him. "I-" "Good luck out there!" I kissed him once more.


        *Katie's POV*



"Here is your winner and the new Divas Champion Ashlynn Summers!!!" Lilian announced. I walked into the back. "Congratulations Ashlynn. I hope you know this means war." AJ joked. "Congrats Ashlynn." "Yeah you deserve it." I said after Paige. "Thanks guys. That was a great match." not too soon enough her close friends surrounded her. I smiled happy for her but upset that wasn't me and walked back to the locker room. I grabbed somethings from my bag and sat down on a cart to pass the time. I was listening to music and sometimes I got up and danced around the room then got back to what I was doing. "Wow. Every drawing is better than the last." Renee said standing behind me looking over my shoulder. "Thanks!" I smiled at her. "Has Dean seen any of them?" "Yeah. He's seen the one's that aren't of him."



"Aww. Why haven't you shown him the one's you've done of him?" I looked at her just to see Dean standing behind her. "Yeah. Why haven't I seen these drawings of me?" he asked taking the notepad out of my hands. He hadn't really looked at them and I was already trying to steal it back and making excuses for how it looked. "Don't look it's not done yet! It sucks! I'm not even that great!" and still he looked gasping. "It sucks I know. It's just for fun." "No. Katie this is amazing. You're really great at this." "Well I'm just gonna go." I mouthed to Renee "Don't go." but she didn't listen. Dean caught me and looked behind him. "What are you doing?" he asked seeing Renee nearly out of sight. "Nothing." "How many have you drawn?" "A couple." "Hey your match is next!" John called to him. "Catch you later." he handed me my notepad back and took off.



"You gonna watch his match?" John asked me. I nodded. "Is that another drawing?" "Yep. Dean saw it and liked it a lot." we talked on our way over to a TV. We caught up with the others and watched Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins in the Hell In A Cell. I cringed when Dean fell and went through the announce table. I almost ran out there when Jey pulled me back and pointed out that Dean was fighting back. I took a seat beside the others but it didn't make a difference since I was on my feet most of the time. "C'mon Dean. Finish him!" and right then the lights went out. I started freaking out. I was going crazy and it got much worse once the lights came back on and revealed Bray Wyatt in the ring. "What the hell is he doing there? He shouldn't be in there! Did Kane have something to do with this?" I just wouldn't shut up about the whole thing.



I was pissed and I wanted people to know. "Here is your winner Seth Rollins!" and that was the end of it. I ran over to Gorilla and I was ready to tackle him but Joey and Jamie held me back as Seth walked off with Kane. "Let me go!" I shouted and sure enough they did so and walked away. "Dean! Are you okay?" "I need to be alone right now." was all he said. He didn't look too happy. I know I wouldn't be. I and the rest of the WWE stuck around for a little bit then one by one people began to leave. I hadn't seen if Dean left but I was one of the few that stuck around. "I'll see you tomorrow night." I said bye to AJ and Brie who where leaving. I walked back to the locker room and grabbed my bags. "Now to find someone to give me a ride back." I looked around and most of the people that were left I didn't like. I sighed thinking I'll have to ask them for a ride or walk back to the hotel.



"Need a ride?" I heard a voice behind me. "Dean." "Renee texted me and said you needed a ride back." "Yeah we're not rooming this week." "Who are you rooming with?" "I don't know. I'm just hoping it's not anyone I can't stand." "Well if it is you can room with me you know that." "I know Dean. I'll definitely keep that in mind." we sat in the car silence over took us for sometime. "I meant to ask earlier but then John stopped me because my match was next but can I have the drawing you made today?" I was taken back. "I didn't think you liked it." "Of course I like it. You have talent Katie. Your drawing is amazing. You're amazing." he whispered the last part. "Dean I-" "Katie just let me talk." I sat there looking at him as he pulled over. "Katie I've been thinking all day what I could say to you. What can I say to my best friend in the whole world?"



"Dean what you are you talking about? What are you trying to say?" "I'm trying to say I l-" he stopped himself before he could finish. "Dean? What is it? Are you okay?" before I could ask another question his lips crashed into mine. He gently placed his hand on my neck never breaking the kiss. I pulled away and he rested his forehead against mine. "Wow." was all he managed to say then cracking a smile at me.

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