WWE One Shots


7. My girlfriend is my boss (Kiki's Imagine)



{Mrs. Kiki Samantha Ambrose Moxley Good WE hope you like it!}  {This is my 5th Dean Ambrose Imagine. The funny thing is I'm not that big a fan of him. I'm more a fan of Rollins and Reigns than Ambrose. Well, things have changed. I'm a huge fan of ALL of The Shield! But for the sake of my followers and otherwise I will continue writing Dean one shot's.}

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a #1 contenders match for the Divas Championship! Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Divas Champion Natalya!...Introducing first from: Union City, New Jersey AJ Lee!...And her opponents first from: Melbourne, Australia Emma!...From: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Alicia Fox! and being accompanied to the ring by Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and Dean Ambrose From: Las Vegas, Nevada Raw General Manager Kiki Helmsley!!" when my name rung through the arena I was booed. Man that really makes my day. To hear that everybody hates me it's the best feeling ever. The match started and AJ and I decided to team up against Emma and Alicia after taking them down temporarily AJ and I turned on each other.



She had the upper hand until I reversed and kicked her in the head much like CM Punk does. I went to cover her but she kicked out. The entire time my parents and my boyfriend cheered me on and they even attempted to help me win but I saw what they were attempting I ran and kept them from completing their mission. After sometime of my parents trying to help me win I told the ref to bar them from ringside so I could carry on the match. Now all I had cheering me on was my wonderful on-screen boyfriend Dean Ambrose. I really wish it would become more but it won't happen he has his eyes set on Emma. I've seen the way they've looked at each other the past week. She's known that I like him why would she do that to me her best friend. Or so I thought. After fighting off Emma, Alicia and AJ.



I was finally able to get on the top rope and set-up for a Diving Cross Body. I successfully executed it on Emma and I pinned her. 1...2...3! "Here is your winner and the NEW #1 Contender for the Divas Championship at TLC the Raw General Manger Kiki Helmsley!!!" The crowd was crazy. I was crying. I'm so close to finally having the Divas Championship. Dean grabbed the mic and started talking. "Congratulations Kiki! You deserved that win hands down. I wish you luck this weekend on your match against Natalya. I won't be at ringside but I'll cheering you on from the locker room. But all that aside I have something important to confess." I grabbed a mic of my own and asked. "Confess away Dean. I doubt it's anything horrible." "It could be." "Tell me. I'll be the judge of that."



"Kiki Helmsley, I'm deeply in love with you. I have been ever since I met you. Ever since they told me that you and I were gonna be an on-screen couple I was excited cause that meant I could kiss you. I could tell you things on-screen that I couldn't tell you off-screen. I didn't have the courage to tell you before but I'm telling you now. I love you and I want you to be my girlfriend not just on-screen but off-screen." I had tears streaming down my face I couldn't say anything. All I could do was smile like an idiot. "Kiki will you be my girlfriend?" I nodded my head as my answer and he kissed me deeply. This kiss was like no other kiss we shared. It had so much passion. I was speechless. Breathless. "Now I can say my girlfriend is my boss. Inside and out of the ring!" I just smiled and smacked his arm. We posed for my victory. "Don't be so happy. You're my bitch now." I said smirking. The mic wasn't on so no one heard but us.

{Chapter written by Miss Kyle.}

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