WWE One Shots


26. Love Somebody (Ashlynn and Randy)



{Another for my best friend Ashlynn Summers }


"You're such a hard act for me to follow. Love me today don't leave me tomorrow. But if I fall for you I'll never recover. But I fall for you I'll never be the same...I think about you every single day."


      * Ashlynn's P.O.V. *


"Hey bit...ty's!" I looked at Kyle with a raised eyebrow as she walked into the room and closed the door behind her. "Really? Bitty's?" She gave me the 'Do you have a better cover-up' look as she squeezed Nikita. "Yeah as in itty bitty's!" I just rolled my eyes as she smiled at me "I like it!" Nikita exclaimed as we looked at her. "So...what's up with you?" "Mommy?" Kyle and Nikita asked at the same time I'm amazed I caught what they said. "Yes baby?" I asked looking down at Nikita "Can I go find daddy?" "I don't know baby you could get lost." I squatted down so we were at eye level "How can she get lost if I take her!" I heard Cody say from behind me I got up and turned around "Are you sure?" I asked not wanting to bother him "Yeah! And before you say, it's no bother I'd love to take Nikita to roam the arena." I hugged them goodbye and watched as they left to go find Randy.



"You haven't answered my question Ash. What's new with you?" "Nothing." I replied trying to dodge the question. "Really? 'cause the look on your face says otherwise." She knows me a little to well sometimes. "I don't want to talk about it." "We're best friends Ash. You can tell me anything." "I can tell you anything huh?" "Yes." "You sure about that?" "As sure as I can be." "Okay try this on for size. I'm still pissed at you for dating Randy even though you knew I still love him!!" I yelled and she was taken back by what I said. "I asked you and you said you were okay with it!" "I was lying! I didn't think you'd actually say yes!" "I'm leaving! We are at work and we can't be fighting otherwise we'll both be suspended. Bye!" Of course she'd try to pin this on me.



Just as I was about to go find Hunter and tell him what happened so I could get out of this storyline with Kyle I got a text from her saying "Hey, I just got a text from my dad. He needs us in the office. Like NOW!" I was still pissed at her but put it aside for the sake of my job and looking like an idiot texting angrily and replied "That's not good. Anytime Hunter needs us in the office it's to tell us we need to do better or he's thinking of firing me then you'll try talking him out of the idea OR the best one yet he's thinking of sticking us with a tag team relationship storyline. Again." "Yeah, I don't think that's it." "Really? Why?" "I don't know. I have a feeling this is gonna be great." She replied then I bumped into someone I grabbed my head since we head butted each other. I looked up and saw it was Kyle and she was smiling. "How are you not grabbing your head?"



"Hard head! Member?" she replied laughing knocking on her head I just laughed. She always says 'member' not REmember. It's a funny habit of hers. We helped each other up and walked to Hunter's office in silence. I was still mad at her but if I'm gonna be fired I might. Might need a friend to help with packing. When we reached his office we knocked then heard Hunter "Come in!" Kyle opened the door as we walked in not wanting to know what he wanted from us. "So...why are we here dad?" Kyle asked smiling. She's hiding something. I know it. She never smiles this much unless she's hiding something. "I can't tell you 'til they get here." He replied looking at his watch wondering where 'they' are. "Hunter who are 'they'?" at that moment I heard his voice speak. I almost ran out of there.



I don't want to be in the same room with both him and Kyle. "You busy Hunter?" "No, come in. You're just in-time." "Just in-time for what? Oh hey Kyle. Hey Ashlynn." I looked up at Randy who was standing there and I could see it in his eyes he didn't want to be here. I don't blame him things haven't been going so well for him either. "Sit down Randy. Where's your sister Nina?" "She's on her way." Randy replied sitting down. "And what about The Shield?" "Them too." not long after Nina, Dean, Seth and Roman walked in. "Okay now that everyone's here I would like to take the time and say Happy Valentine's Day everyone and thank you for coming and meeting me here. Now on to business. Vince, Steph, the writers and myself have been thinking and we've decided this is a storyline we want to go with." I looked over at Kyle and she was bouncing in her seat full of excitement. I laughed to myself or so I thought.



"Ms. Summers is there something I said that amuses you?" Hunter asked looking at me. I looked around the room and everybody was staring at me. Shit! "No." "Then why were you laughing?" "Kyle." I said pointing at her. "Hey! What did I do?" "You were bouncing in your seat excited for the news." I told her bouncing in my seat showing them "Oh yeah." She said giggling to herself. I glanced over at Randy and he was smiling at Kyle. My blood started to boil. "So what's the news Hunter?" Dean asked getting annoyed. "We are going to continue with Ashlynn and Kyle as a tag team but we will insert Nina" He said pointing towards her as she smiled wide. "Really?" Hunter nodded "Oh my god! Thank you so much Hunter! You won't regret it!" "Ashlynn, Kyle and Nina will become a trio or stable wanting to better the Divas dvision and you ladies will eventually break-up after you all see that you each want to be Divas champion." Hunter says while Kyle is still bouncing in her seat excited.



"Okay, sounds good but why are we here?" Seth asked pointing at all the guys. "You're here because you will also play a part in this storyline." Hunter said smiling at me. "How's that?" I asked worried. "In the end Nina would have joined The Shield and broken them up after she came between Dean and Roman but chose Roman over Dean." I looked at Nina, Roman and Dean. They were happy for a new storyline but Nina and Roman were smiling then she looked at them and her smile dropped when her eyes met with Roman. They don't get along but they like each other and they don't know it. I know this because Nina told me she likes Roman and Kyle told me Roman told her he likes Nina yet the other doesn't know. "And what about the rest of us?" Randy asked and again Kyle was bouncing off the walls.



"What do you think of the Champion of Champions, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Viper Randy Orton getting a valet?" everyone's jaw dropped at those words. "Are you serious Hunter?" Randy asked smiling looked over at Kyle then glancing at me then that smile turned into a smirk. I grinned looking away, I brushed a piece of my hair behind my ear as my thumb touched my cheek and it felt hot. I was blushing? Damn it! "Damn right!" "Who is she?" Randy wondered looking between Kyle and I. "Kyle." and my jaw dropped. I looked over at eveyone else and by the looks of it their jaw was still dropped from earlier. "Dad. What the hell!? That's not what we decided! I told you..." I ran out of there. I couldn't listen to them anymore. I need to leave.



        * Randy's P.O.V. *


"Dad. What the hell!? That's not what we decided! I told you it was supposed to be Ashlynn and Randy not Randy and me!" Kyle was yelling at her dad as the rest of us just sat there watching and before she could finish Ashlynn ran out of the room like her ass was on fire. As soon as I saw her run off I wanted to run off after her and I was about to "Randy stay the hell there!" "But Hunter." "Sit your ass down!" "Dad what about the storyline? You need to fix it! I told you why I wanted the storyline that way." "I know but I thought about it some more and decided Randy and you would be what's best for business." "Damn it dad!" Kyle said pushing her body away from the desk running out of the room so I followed her. "Kyle!!" I called out for her trying to catch up. "What!?" "Why did you want Ashlynn and me in the storyline and not you and me?" she stopped where she was and sighed.



"I know you still love her and she still loves you and I wanted Nikita to see her parents happy and together so I thought of something that could make the both of you realize you belong together." I was shocked by the words that came out of her mouth all I could do was engulf her in a hug, she hugged me back smiling against my chest. She's average height but short compared to the rest of the roster. Me included. "Speaking of which where is she?" Kyle asked looking around. "She ran off after your dad said you and I were gonna be a couple on-screen." "Damn it. C'mon let's go we need to find her." I nodded agreeing. Ashlynn stormed off pissed and hurt and when she's pissed off and hurt she'll leave and make sure she can't be found. So this won't be easy but it'll be worth it. We've been searching for hours and still nothing. Ashlynn and Kyle had a match tonight and I was supposed to cut a promo but Kyle and I left to search for Ashlynn.



"Where the hell are you? Ashlynn when you get this I want you to call me and at least tell me you're okay. I'm worried for you and Nikita. Randy's worried for you and Nikita. Please call me." Kyle's voice cracked worried. I pulled her into a hug as she cried into my chest. We were standing outside the arena in New York snow falling. It was cold and we had walked and drove all over town trying to find her and we decided to come back here and think if there's a place we're forgetting. "What the hell?" Kyle and I jumped tearing away from the hug surprised to hear her voice. "Ash! Thank god you're okay!" Kyle said running to her to hug her but Ashlynn stepped back. "Don't touch me!" "Why? What's wrong Ash? Where's Nikita?" Kyle asked confused "Don't touch me! Don't call me Ash! And that's none of your business!" "Ashlynn what's wrong? Where is Nikita?" I asked.



"She's with Cody!" she yelled getting more pissed "What has you so pissed?" "You two want to know what's wrong?" She asked fuming. We nodded "You two! You are what's wrong!" "How are we what's wrong with you!?" Kyle asked getting mad. I stayed back knowing better then to get between women fighting but more importantly to get between these women when fighting. "You guys dated! And then today Hunter says you'll be in a storyline together! I left because I can't handle this anymore! I love Randy and it hurt me and pissed me off when you guys were together and now you'll be kissing each other every week and eventually you'll be dating off and on-screen! It's obvious he likes you not me! He'll never like me again!" I stood there in shock. She loves me? I smiled and walked towards her grabbing her hands and holding them in mine.



        * Ashlynn's P.O.V. *


Randy walked up to me grabbing my hands and holding them in his smiling down at me. "That's not true Ashlynn. I love you. I never stopped loving you. I haven't stopped thinking about you. I think about you every single day. 24/7." He spoke softly, lovingly. "Then why did you go out with Kyle?" "Yeah why did you?" Kyle asked wondering the same thing. We laughed a bit by her asking and the way she asked, she couldn't help but laugh at her questioning why he went out with her. "I dated you because I was trying to get over you." He said pointing at us. "Well thank you so much Randy. I really wanted to feel used this year." She said sarcastically. "I'm sorry Kyle but you came close to Ashlynn and you are different in your own way but in some ways you're just like her so I thought it would work but it didn't. I did like you I still do but I love Ashlynn more."



"It's okay Randy. I understand. This is what I wanted. This is what Nikita wanted. I'm glad you guys are together. You are together aren't you?" Randy looked me in the eyes "Are we?" I smiled big "Of course we are." I leaned into kiss him and he kissed back with so much passion. Then we heard clapping we pulled away and saw Hunter, Nikita and Kyle clapping. "Happy Valentine's Day Randy." "Happy Valentine's Day Ashlynn." we were smiling then remembered we had an audience, we looked over at them and asked "What the?" Kyle and Nikita walked up to us "We planned this." Kyle said picking her up resting her on her hip "How?" Randy asked confused. I was confused "The storyline was a joke. Well...not so much cuz this was the storyline and it worked out pretty well." I looked at Randy and we were both nodding our heads.



"I'd say it worked better then pretty well." I spoke looking him in the eyes kissing him again. "C'mon let's go back to the hotel. You should be in bed little girl." Randy said running after Nikita, she was screaming running away from him. "Thank you Kyle." "You're welcome." we hugged then I walked towards the car and started it waiting for Randy and Nikita to come back. When he finally came Nikita was asleep in his arms. He put her in the car and kissed me then snow started to fall some more "Alright love birds you better get going! As should we. Bye!" Kyle called out to us. We drove off listening to music. I was looking through the stations to find a song that we could both stand then I heard Love Somebody by Maroon 5. It had just started and I began singing the song to Randy, he'd glance over every now and then holding my hand, using the other to steer. We were as happy as could be that we were finally back together.

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