WWE One Shots


10. Join us if you want to live (Jenna's Imagine)



{Jenna Marie Calaway WE hope you like it! }

"Jenna Jacobs will you come out here? Please?...Don't worry we won't hurt you we just want to talk to you." Dean says. I come down to the ring and reluctantly wait to hear what they want. Dean continues. "Now Jenna, We've all seen how dangerous you can be. We can see it in your eyes. You are ruthless, daring and merciless and we need a Diva like you in The Shield. So that said would you like to further cement being the most feared Diva in the WWE and become a member of The Shield?" Dean asked. I thought about the idea for like 5 seconds then went for a mic. "Hell no! I'll never join The Shield." "Why not?" Seth asked. "What do you mean 'why not?' here's why not. You guys beat the hell out of my father and my uncle. Who's to say that if I do join you that you won't just turn on me and take me out also. I'm not gonna take my chances. Now if you 'gentlemen' don't mind I have a match to prepare for." I reply leaving the ring and into the back. I gotta get ready for my match. It's up in like 20.



        * 20 minutes later *



"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is to determine the #1 contender for the Divas Championship!...Introducing first from: The San Francisco Bay Area Eva Marie!...and her opponent Jenna Jacobs!!" The crowd was amazing as always. They love me. The match I gotta admit was slow at first. That was all on Eva. She sucks. Everybody thinks she slept her way up to the main roster I wouldn't be surprised to hear if that rumor was real. I mean look at her. Anyway, it was a hard fought battle to see who's more deserving of calling herself the #1 contender for AJ's Divas title. Then as Eva and I were about to finish it the lights went out and everything was dark. When the lights came back on standing right in front of me was AJ and she pointed behind me I was confused but looked to see what the hell she was pointing at and standing on the apron was Luke Harper and Erick Rowan who were just waiting to get in the ring. Bray Wyatt was sitting in his chair watching. I was scared.



The Wyatt Family is known for being ruthless and vengeful and a whole lot more. Then out of nowhere The Shield's music came on and they ran all through the crowd from all the way in the back to the ring by my side. Bray got out of his rocking chair and then The Wyatt Family surrounded the ring and AJ just stood there waiting to attack. "Join us if you want to live!" Roman yelled. I reluctantly said "Fine." and we all got into position waiting for the huge brawl that was about to happen. Finally The Wyatt's and AJ ran towards us and we kept fighting back. Lucky us we won the brawl and we were the one's standing tall. We all walked into the back and I congratulated AJ, Erick, Luke and Bray on their performance and I was on my way to take a shower and head back to my hotel room. I don't know who my roommate is but I'll find out when I get there. "Hey Jenna." Roman called for me as he walked up to me. "Yeah?" "Do you want to go out for lunch tomorrow before the live show?" "You mean like a date?" I ask smiling.



I've had a crush on him for awhile. I just haven't been sure how to tell him. "Yeah, like a date." "Sure, when do you want to meet up?" "I'll pick you up around 11:30. I've heard of this cool restaurant close to where we will be staying." "Okay well, I'm looking forward to our date." I walked away slowly with a huge smile on my face. I took my shower and headed out to the parking lot to see if I can find a ride to the hotel. Just about everyone was gone. "Hey Roman, can you drive me to the hotel?" "Yeah." "Thanks. You don't have to load my bags." "I don't have to, I want to. Hop in!" I got in and we talked the whole ride over. When we walked into the hotel lobby I could tell he was just as sad as I was. We were gonna be separated for the night. "Hello, how may I help you?" The front desk lady asked. We told her our names and eventually found out WE were gonna be roommates. We grabbed our stuff and walked up to our room. I threw my luggage on the floor and dropped myself on my bed. "Tired?" "You have no idea." "I think I do. Remember we fought side by side?"



"Yeah but you weren't in the middle of a match and then got ambushed. Now did you?" "No." "That's what I thought!" I replied then I started laughing. "I'll give you something to laugh about." Roman said before he took a dive on my bed. Luckily I was able to move out of the way in-time. "Come here! You can't run from me for long!" "That's what you think! haha!...Oh crap!" Roman speared me gently. Now he's laying on top of me careful not to put all his weight on me. "Let me go!" "Never." he just stayed laying on me. We stared into each others eyes and we smiled. He started to lean in as did I. When our lips touched...the feeling was incredible and unbelievable. We spent the rest of the night talking. It was really fun!

{Chapter written by Miss Kyle.}

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