WWE One Shots


6. Hostile takeover Divas match (Artemis's Imagine)



{This is for Artemis Young-Rollins she's also an author of the WWE Mini-Stories! she'll be helping me out with all of the One Shots/Mini-Stories from now on. I really hope you enjoy it! }

"Okay Victoria, I want you to be absolutely careful out there tonight. It's a huge match for you. You will be defending your WWE Women's Championship against 5 other women in a Divas battle royal. Remember there is a chance you'll lose that title." my big brother Wade tells me pointing at the title which is resting on my shoulder. "Are you ready to go kick some ass?" "Hell yeah! Thank you for talking to me Wade. It means a lot!" someone knocked on the door signaling that my match was next. "Love you, see you later tonight." I tell him walking over to gorilla. "Of course!" he yelled almost out of sight.



"The following 6-Diva battle royal is for the Women's Championship! Introducing the challengers first From: Union City, New Jersey AJ Lee!...Next from: The San Francisco Bay Area Eva Marie!...From: Houston, Texas Kaitlyn!...From: Orlando, Florida Cameron!...From: Orlando, Florida Naomi!...And now the champion. From: London, England The Hybrid Witch The Women's Champion Victoria Barrett!!!" The crowd went wild when my name was announced. I just grinned. I can't believe how popular I've become it's so surreal. The match began I ran straight for Eva Marie I grabbed her by her terribly dyed red hair and tossed over the ropes and eliminated her real easy. Next I ran for Naomi I kicked her in the gut and then as she stood straight I drop kicked her.



She went over the ropes but then she grasped them pretty quick which prevented her from being eliminated so we fought back and forth to the point that I drug her back in the ring. I grabbed her hand and tossed her towards the ropes. That was a bad move cause then she bounced off them and cross-bodied me hard. I could barely breath. She got a handful of my hair picked me up and drug me over to the ropes attempting to toss me over but she wasn't successful in her mission. I was able to reverse and throw her over and eliminate her. Now it's down to Cameron, Kaitlyn, AJ and me. Cameron and AJ were fighting in the corner so I decided to eliminate Kaitlyn to no avail. She was tough. She punched me and now I think I'm gonna get stuck eating my food through a straw.



We kept punching each other till finally I drop kicked her out of nowhere and she flew right over the ropes. I ran into the corner where Cameron and AJ were and I was able to do something that little Miss Lee had been trying to do. I eliminated Cameron. Now it's down to me and AJ. We battled and I was winning. I was so close to tossing her over and retaining my title then she was so close to tossing me over and winning back the title. We had everyone on the edge of their seats waiting to see who is the Women's Champion. Who was gonna win. Finally I had AJ beat. That is until The Shield's music hit. We both stood in the ring waiting to see what was gonna happen to us when AJ turned and clocked me with the title and ran away. I was awake enough to know what was going on but I couldn't really respond.



After sometime I sat up straight and held the back of my head trying to relieve the pressure and then Seth scooped me up and took me out of the ring into the back for the doctors to look me over. But I didn't want him to take me. I fought with him. I didn't want to see the doctors at all. "Victoria, why don't you want to see the doctors?" Seth asked. "I just don't." "Why not?" he kept pushing so finally I gave a truthful answer. "I don't want to see the doctor's because if they say I'm too hurt to compete, chances are I'll lose my Women's Championship. The very title I worked so hard to win and keep." I reply. "You mean this title?" AJ asked pointing at her waist. Where it was resting. "You bitch! It's not yours. Give it back!" I demanded.



"Nope. I think I'll keep it, for when you know the doc says you can't compete and The Authority says you have to hand it over and they give it to me. I deserve the Women's Championship more than you do. You're a slut who just happened to have slept with the right kind of people." "Shut up AJ. You're one to talk. I mean you dated Daniel Bryan, You pushed yourself on Punk, Kane and Cena. And you were sleeping with Ziggler. That was a new low for you." Seth defended me. "I think we'll be taking that." Roman said unclasping the Women's title and handing it over to me. I stuck out my tongue and when I saw she turned the corner. "Thanks guys. Aww, baby. Did that mean old witch hurt you? I'm so sorry I won't leave you alone ever again." I jokingly talk to the title as I stroke it then I kiss it.



I had the guys laughing their ass off. "What the hell is wrong with you Victoria?" Seth asked still laughing. "I don't know but why don't you come over here and till me?" I flirt. He got up from his seat which was across from me and sat right next to me he leaned in and kissed me. Right in front of Dean and Roman then my brother Wade walked in. The guys held him back while I explained what happened. Turns out he planned the whole thing minus the AJ situation. I was touched to know Wade knew about me liking Seth and Seth liking me that he planned the whole thing. "Victoria, I have something to ask you? I'm not sure if you'll say yes but I'm gonna go for it." "I'm listening." I reply smiling.



"I've loved you for sometime now. Every time I see you I smile and I can't get your image out of my head. Your voice replay's in my head none stop. You're not like most girls and that's a really good thing. So I ask you Victoria Barrett will you be my girlfriend?" "I thought you'd never ask." I replied with the biggest smile on my face. He wrapped his arms around me as we stood there for awhile. Then we all headed out to get something to eat. The rest of the night was the best night of my life.

{Chapter written by Miss Kyle.}

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