WWE One Shots


23. Friends first (Sage's Imagine)



{jojo Offerman WE ALL hope you like it!  Happy New Year!! This is the first one shot of the year! I wish all my followers, readers and co-authors the best 2014! I also wish you the best year in health, safety, love, fortune, luck and much more!!! - Miss Kyle.}

"Good luck out there!" Eva said. "Yes! Good luck, we hope you win!" Brie and Nikki followed. "Never mind them, I know you don't need luck you're the best WWE Diva in the world! After me that is." AJ joked. I smacked her arm and replied "I'm the BEST DIVA IN THE WORLD!!!" Winking after I dropped my brother's pose everyone laughed then all of a sudden stopped. I looked at them weird and asked "What? Do I have something in my teeth?" AJ pointed behind me. "He's behind me isn't he?" I spun on my heel and found him right behind me. "Big brother! Hey, how are you?" "I heard you." "What did you hear Punk?" "I heard you proclaim you're the Best Diva In The World. Do you believe that's true?" "Yes, I do. You don't?" I asked placing my hands on my hips. "Of course I do. Just wanted to see if you believe it or if you were making a joke?" "Both." "Before you take off for your match I'm usually not one to believe in such a thing but I want to say it even if I believe you don't need it but here I go...Good luck out there Sage. Whoop their ass and take their names." "Just like you. Why wouldn't I do such a thing?" "Good. I'll be back here watching." Then we made a few jokes about me and Punk waiting for my match then after sometime I was told to wait at Gorilla so I walked over and waited while I waited I heard a familiar voice call my name. "Sage!" "Oh hey Dean!" I said hugging him. "Hey Sage! Good luck out there! I know you can beat Alicia's and Summer's ass." I smiled. "Thanks! I have to beat them. I have to win this match and when I do I get a match against the Divas Champion." Then before he could say anything we both heard the bell ring and Lilian start to announce. "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the #1 contendership for the Divas Championship! Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the Divas Champion Tamina Snuka!" We watched the screen and waited for Tamina to sit at the announcers table. She wasn't gonna talk she was just gonna watch then Lilian began announcing us. "From Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Alicia Fox!!...and her opponents first! From Raleigh, North Carolina Summer Rae!!...And from Los Angeles, California Sage Brooks!!!" I made my way down the ramp slapping everyone's hands. I was proud to be in this match. I was happy I have these fans and to have them cheering me on. When the match started I ran straight for Summer Rae but got attacked from behind. I was unconscious for awhile but when I came to I jumped right into action. I started fighting back and I even was able to take out Alicia with a dragon whip so I could go one on one with Summer Rae. Summer and I battled back and fourth with punches and kicks. It was never ending she would try to do like Fandango and dance while wrestling but she's nothing like him. He can do it and not get distracted in dancing as much but that's exactly what she was doing so when she turned around I kicked her in the head and set her up for the GTS. As I was about to cover her I heard an entrance theme I didn't want to hear. "Sage, Sage, Sage. I don't know why you are even trying to win this match. You don't stand  a chance with the second generation Divas Champion Tamina Snuka. She's way better than you could ever be." Miz said. I tried to ignore my annoying ex boyfriend  but had no such luck. Summer Rae, Tamina and Alicia all ganged up on me and all of a sudden they stopped. I felt someone picking me up then I heard Miz scream in my face. "You are worth less! You're just another wanna-be! You wanna be like your brother CM Punk but you will never be like him! You will never be the best Diva in the world no matter how hard you try!" He just kept screaming these hurtful things into the mic as I cried. Then I heard the fans go crazy and before I really knew what was going on I was being drug out of the ring by who I think was Dean. "It's okay Sage. You're gonna be fine." Yeah it was Dean. "Out of my way! Insane older brother coming through! Get out of my way or die! Sage are you okay? What happened? I knew I shoulda been out there to protect you. Miz even came to me and said  I would regret not being out there to support you." I could barely think of what to say when "Punk! Punk! She's gonna be fine. She just needs to be seen by a doctor. Help me take her then I'll tell you what happened." Punk took a deep breath. "Fine. Let's go. Get.out.of.the.way.people!" I was gently placed on a table and doc looked at me then after awhile he said I'd be okay. It was just minimal trauma after what happened out there but I'll be fine. "What the hell happened out there?" Punk asked. I breathed and began explaining. "I was about to win my watch with the GTS when Miz came out and he began talking down to me. I was so caught up in what he was saying that I was taken down from behind by Alicia, Summer and Tamina then I felt someone pick me up and Miz began screaming my face more hurtful things and from there I have no idea." "That's it! His ass is mine! He will regret hurting you and so will those so called Divas!!" Then he left I breathed then I felt a hand on top of mine. The feeling I get every time Dean touches me is unlike any other. "Sage, I'm sorry for not going out there sooner. I left for just a little bit to talk with Seth and Roman. I thought you'd be okay without me watching for 2 minutes. Boy was I wrong." "Dean, it's not your fault. How were you to know that Miz was gonna come out and help get me injured?" "I didn't know and I should have!" "No Dean, you shouldn't have known that Miz was supposed to distract me and let the other Divas nearly kill me." He looked in my eyes then kissed me so passionately I kissed back. When we pulled away we were both smiling then he just looked deep in my eyes. We couldn't stop staring into each others eyes then he broke the silence. "Sage, I love you." I couldn't help but start tearing up. "I love you too Dean." He smiled then leaned into kiss me again we heard someone clear their throat we pulled away and there stood my loving brother. "Punk, look..." He raised his hand and cut off Dean. "If you hurt her I will kill you! Got it?" "Yes." "Good." "So, how was your hunting trip?" "Not well, but I do have a guaranteed match next week." "Really?" Dean asked. "Yeah and you two are my tag team partners we'll be facing Miz and Tamina and a partner of their choosing." "That's huge!" "It'll be our first time teaming as a couple." Dean said smiling as he stared down at me I smiled back and got on the tips of my toes and pecked his lips.

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