WWE One Shots


37. Find You (Leah's Imagine)



{reggie the potato woman hope you like it!}

Tonight is Friday Night SmackDown and we're celebrating it's 15th anniversary. I have a match against my best friend Alicia Fox. The plan we have is I'll be facing Alicia in the ring with Paige in her corner and somewhere in the match AJ who's also a friend of mine will come out and distract both Paige and Alicia giving me the advantage I need to win. "Leah!" he jogged to me. "I heard you have a match tonight." I smiled. "Yeah. It's me and Alicia tonight." "That's huge." I nodded. "Well good luck out there." "Good luck to you tonight." Dean and I went our separate ways. We know each other just don't know each other. You follow? Okay like we know of each other and some about each other but nothing more. I'm a fan of his 'work' he's great in the ring there's no denying that. "Hey Leah, you ready for our match?" "As ready as I could ever be. Time to show why we should be on TV more than the Total Divas." "More specifically Summer and Eva."

"I do like them and they're my friends but let's be real. Eva still needs more work and Summer's just plain evil." Alicia nodded her head. "And in some cases I wish I was the one getting TV time instead of the Bellas. I mean all those mean hurtful words Nikki's said to Brie." "I know. It's just wrong that they're fighting like this." "Hey girls, Uh Steph told me to give you a 15 minute warning. The match is next." Paige walked in and out. "Good thing we changed already." Alicia said. "Uh I still have to stretch and do my ritual so." "Oh yeah. We'll be going." Alicia grabbed her shirt and walked out with Paige not far behind. I stretched and did my usual ritual then I was on my way over. I turned a corner on my way down to Gorilla when I felt someone grab me and put their hand over my mouth muffling my screams. Next thing I know I'm being knocked out. When I finally open my eyes I can't see anything but some light and three sillouettes.

        *Dean's POV*

I sat in the men's locker room watching SmackDown with some of the other guys. It was Kofi, Jack, Mark, Jimmy, Jey, Fernando, Diego, Sheamus, Dolph and Zack. They were watching the show like they were little kids again. I kinda half to admit it was great to know that after all our hardwork we finally made it. Some of us didn't think it was ever gonna happen and some of us had people that kept telling us we would never make it and yet here we are, WWE Superstars. Next thing I hear is the guys moaning. I look to see Bray Wyatt on the screen talking in circles. Or at least that's what I think I'm not even listening to what he's saying. "Dean Ambrose. Dean I have something you might want. If you don't." he began laughing like it was funny. The camera turned on to a person. A woman. She had long brown hair. When she raised her head my jaw dropped. "If you don't come to Leah's rescue-" I left before he could finish his threat.

"WHERE IS HE!?" I just kept shouting that to everyone and half of the people didn't know what I meant and the other half pointed to the exact direction I needed to go. I ran and found a room. They have to be here. I threw the door open to find Bray there in front of Leah who was tied to a chair. Rowan and Harper ran at me. I punched Harper and knocked Rowan down just a couple feet. I tackled Harper to the ground. I fought to get the advantage I needed taking them both down then I attacked Wyatt. It wasn't easy but in the end I had them all out like a light and I untied Leah from the chair and helped her out. Once we got out the room I closed the door and shoved some of the trunks to insure they wouldn't escape until we were far away from here. She tackled me with a hug. "Thank you so much Dean. I don't know what I would have done. I don't know what they-" "Ssh. It's okay. Everything's okay. You're okay." I kept telling her. She looking at me and I looked her in the eyes. Something just clicked and all of a sudden she kissed me. I pulled her close deepening the kiss. "Thank you Dean. Thank you for finding me." "I'll always find you." there's nothing I wouldn't do to protect her from anything especially the Wyatt family.

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