WWE One Shots


27. Failure (Chloe's Imagine)



{Kapri The Mini Miley Cyrus I hope you like it! - Kylie}

        *Chloe's P.O.V.*

"See you later bestie! I'm gonna go find Punk." AJ said before skipping off. "See you!" I shouted before she disappeared. I shook my head smiling. I was gonna drop my luggage off in the divas locker room then walk around before my match. Maybe stop by catering for a little snack. I grabbed an apple and a bottle of water. I took a seat at one of the empty tables. I pulled my iPod from my pocket and unwrapped the earbuds. Listen to a little music before showtime. It always calms my nerves. While I was rocking out to my favorite song I felt someone tap my shoulder making me jump out of my skin. I ripped my earbuds right out and looked to see my 3 favorite guys. "Seth, Dean, Roman!" I shouted. I hadn't seen them in a few weeks. I've been so busy traveling I didn't have a few minutes to just sit down and talk so that's just what we did.

"I'm sorry to drag you from a good time but our match is on in 10. You gotta change and meet me by Gorilla." I nodded to AJ and said bye to the guys giving Roman a big hug. After I changed I rushed over then I hit a wall and fell back. "Woah! You okay?" I looked to see the voice. "Roman, yeah I'm okay. Just didn't see you there." "Yeah. I didn't see you either." well my excuse was I was thinking of you is what I thought but I can't just tell him that now can I? No. "Sorry. I was just so focused on my match I didn't see anything in front of me." "That's alright. Good luck out there not that you'll need it." he smiled at me. I swear every time he smiles I'm raised off the ground 2 feet for a good hour or two. "Chloe! Hurry! We're next!!" AJ shouted shaking me out of my thoughts. "Coming! I gotta go. I'll see you later?" "Yeah. I'll be here." I nodded running over to AJ.

"And their opponents Chloe Calaway and AJ Lee!" we ran and slid in the ring attacking the Bellas before the match could start. AJ grabbed Nikki and threw her outside laying a further beating before she got on the apron meanwhile I tossed Brie into the ropes and clotheslined her. The match was ours until I slipped and Nikki took advantage. She surprised me with a roll-up pinfall. "Here are your winners Brie and Nikki Bella!" I hit the mat pissed that I slipped up and let her take the win. I had her and I slipped up. I made my way into the back and to the locker room. I'm just gonna shower and head over to the hotel.

        *Back at the hotel*

"Thanks for giving me a ride and letting me room with you Roman." I said fixing up my bed. "No problem. I know you needed to be away from AJ." "I just can't face her after I made us lose the match. She tried talking to me but I ignored her. I don't want her to say it's okay when it's not. We had the Bellas beat." "You'll get 'em next time Chloe. It's no big deal. You can beat them any day." "Just not today." "They got lucky. Just rest and tomorrow will be better." he said standing in front of me. I nodded but we continued to stand there in silence. Nothing to say, nothing to do until he leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back. "What was that for?" "Chloe I've been meaning to tell you something but I was too scared of our friendship ending. It wasn't until today that Seth and Dean talked me into telling you I realized I don't have to be scared so I'm gonna tell you." "Tell me what?" "I like you." I leaned in and kissed him.

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