WWE One Shots


14. Enemies destined for love (Naomi's Imagine)



{This is for AJ Lee and Bray Wayatt WE hope you like it! Finally somebody asked for someone else of The Shield who isn't Dean.}  {Unfortunately because AJ Lee and Bray Wayatt's profile was closed down I had to postpone this publishing 'til now. Which now means this isn't the first imagine other than Dean of The Shield. Don't get me wrong I still wanted to write it, I just had to figure out how I was going to do this since her account was closed I can't access her comment to know if she had set the scene. But I'll just wing it.  Happy Holidays!}

"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee!" Lilian announced her. She came out and the crowd was booing her like no tomorrow it was kinda funny. I was in the back waiting for my cue. Tonight starts a very long feud against AJ. "Thank you, thank you. I'm so proud to have surpassed Maryse for being the longest reigning Divas Champion a staggering 300 days. Now I just have another 65 days to go..." Half the crowd booed and the other half cheered. "Now that's not the only reason I came out here. I came out here to reveal my surprise. You know the surprise I said I had for all of you last week? Yeah, that one! Girls and losers I reveal to you the new and improved Women's Championship!" my jaw dropped I hadn't seen the new Women's title. It looked amazing and would you believe me if I said I'm going for that title. I'm not just going for it...I'm gonna win it. "Boys if you don't mind." AJ asked The Shield. Dean grabbed the new Women's title and was about to wrap it around her waist when my music hit.



It was my cue. "Naomi! What are you doing here?" "Oh AJ I find it cute that you really think you deserve that title." "Did you not hear me? I said what are you doing here?" "I came out to get a closer look at this wonderous title." "Get her out of here!" And immediately Ambrose and Rollins came rushing for me. I dropped the mic and waited for them to run up the ramp. When they finally reached the stage I drop kicked Rollins as Ambrose ran behind. He caught up and grabbed me from behind I couldn't get out. I was kicking and screaming when Reigns appeared in front of me. I was worried they were going to triple powerbomb me. But they didn't. Roman didn't. Instead he walked passed us and into the back. They let me go and ran to find him. What the hell just happened? Was I punked or something? I walked into the back maybe I can find them and find out what happened just there. "Rollins, Ambrose! Where's Reigns?" "We don't know. That's what we're trying to figure out."



"What the hell happened out there? You guys were supposed to Triple Powerbomb me." "We don't know. He...You saw he left. I guess he didn't want to hurt you." "But we've practiced it. I told him I'd be okay." "I know but even before we went out there he was still fighting us on it." "I'll go find him." I left them to go find Roman. The cameras caught up with us. I guess they want to use it on TV. I finally found him but since the cameras were behind I was supposed to act like I ran into him. So I bumped into him and started acting. "Don't hurt me." "Why would I hurt you?" "Well, you didn't triple powerbomb me earlier why not do it now?" "I wasn't going to hurt you. I would never hurt you. I..." "You what?" "Nothing." "No, it's something. What is it?" "Naomi, I love you. We've been pinned to hate each other but I don't hate you I love you." I smiled and before I could reply he kissed me. I could hear the crowd go wild. We both smiled into the kiss and when we pulled away Dean and Seth were standing right there watching.



"So, does that mean you're a member of The Shield?" Seth asked. "If you drop AJ then maybe." "Done. She's annoying and a terrible Diva's Champion and Diva." Dean replied. "Agreed." "Agreed!" we all said then Roman and I kissed once more. Two kisses in and I'm already in love with him and under his spell.

{Chapter written by Miss Kyle.}

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