WWE One Shots


19. BJ & Dolph Ziggler



{For Brianna, kinda short. Hope you enjoy it!}

        *Brianna's P.O.V.*

"The following is a 7-on-7 Divas Survivor Series elimination match! Introducing first Team True Divas Kaitlyn, Summer Rae, Rosa Mendes, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Tamina and AJ Lee!" we watched from the back. "Are you ready Total Divas?" I shouted. They all cheered on. "And their opponents being accompanied to the ring by Eva Marie. Team Total Divas JoJo, Natalya, The Funkadactyls Cameron and Naomi, The Bellas Brie and Nikki Bella!" I stayed behind waiting for my debut. "And their tag team partner! From Scottsdale, Arizona BJ Bella!" I came down the ramp with my sisters song playing. I made my entrance just like my sisters. I stood beside them smiling. I saw the look on the faces of our opponents. They were shocked to see triple. The bell rung and my team got on the apron. I ran for Tamina tackling her to the mat pounding her face in.

I got up and tried to attack her some more only she stopped me and got the upper hand. I fought until I was laid out on the mat with not much fight left in me so I crawled to Natalya. I slowly regained my energy and stood on the apron with my fellow teammates cheering on Nattie. I had gotten back in the ring a few more times but then I'd let someone else in. By the end we already eliminated the majority of them. It was down to me and Nattie versus Tamina and AJ. Tamina had just eliminated Nikki so I was out for revenge. I hit my finisher the Jade crush which for everyone else is the Paige Turner on Tamina then pinned her. Now it's down to Nattie and me versus AJ. AJ got in the ring and dropkicked me. I got right back up and ran to clothesline her but she took me down with a Shining Wizard. I was out.

Next thing I heard was Lilian announcing that I was eliminated. I stayed around as had Tamina. I slowly regained my strength and awareness just in time to see Tamina attmept to distract either the referee or Nattie. Either way I dropkicked her from the apron and next I heard was Lilian announcing Natalya the winner. I slid in the ring and raised her other arm. After that we walked into the back where we were both tackled by our eliminated teammates. Not long after John and Dolph joined in congratulating us on the victory. "Alright. I'll see you guys later." I waved to them on my way to the Divas locker room. "So?" Cameron asked excited to hear something. "What?" "Don't act like we didn't see. We all saw what was going on between you and Dolph." "Mhmm. You guys should just kiss already." Naomi added. "Girls! Who's to say they haven't?" Brie teased.

"And who's to say they haven't done more?" "Nicole!" Brie and I shouted. "What? I'm just saying." Brie and I just rolled our eyes in disbelief. "I'll see you back at the hotel." I hugged everyone and was on my way to catering. It's long before the show ends. Snack and cheer my kind of night. "Hey!" "John! Dolph!" I hugged them. "Where's Brie and Jade?" John asked pecking my cheek. I smiled wide. "Briana and Nicole are in the locker room." "Jade." John said shocked. "We didn't know it was you." "It's alright Dolph. I'll text them to meet us here." they nodded. I texted Nikki and she said they'd be on their way so while we waited John, Dolph and I began talking about the business and our lives. And our plans for this weekend I of course had nothing. My weekends have been less than great lately but before I could share mine Nikki and Brie showed up with Bryan arriving a couples minutes later.

"BJ can I talk to you?" the girls nearly on cue woo hoo'd and the guys whistled. Dolph and I blushed looking at each other before getting up to leave. "So what did you want to talk about?" "This weekend." "What about this weekend?" "Are you free?" "Depends. What do you have in mind?" "Dinner and a movie?" "Like a date?" "Not quite." he paused almost like he was unsure. "I was thinking more like friends. We don't really see much of each other lately and I just thought you'd like to hang out more." "Sure. What time?" "How's 8 on Friday sound?" I nodded. "That'd be great." he smiled at me.

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