WWE One Shots


28. Ashley & Jimmy Uso



{Cole and Maddy and Ashley I hope you like it! - Kylie}

        *Ashley's P.O.V.*

"Alright I'll see you guys later." I waved to John and Punk. They gave me a ride to the arena. "See you Ashley!" John said walking off. "Don't forget lay low until we come get you for the match." Punk said with a hand on my shoulder. I nodded. "I'll try." I walked over to the diva's locker room. I'll just stay here until my match. I sat in silence with the occasional "Hi! How are you?" or "Good luck out there!" every time one of the other divas came in. I heard a knock on the door. "Lee! You here?" Seth said. "Yeah. I'm here!" "Can we come in?" "Yeah!" they walked in. "Dean, Roman, Seth. It's so nice to see you guys." "You just saw us last Monday for RAW." "I know. But after what happened I was afraid I wasn't gonna see you before I die." "Is our little Ashley scared?" Dean teased. "Of what? Brock Lesnar? No. Not a chance." Seth shook his head denying it.

"If I'm not scared of him and John or Punk aren't either than Ashley isn't." "It's not just him it's Randy too. They're both dangerous if they're pushed to it and I may not have been scared when I did it but after the interviews and tweets I am now." "Asher!" I jumped. "Hey now. What's got you so jumpy?" Jimmy said. "Randy and Brock." "Did they do something to hurt you or scare you?" "They're out to get me after what I did Monday night." "You're safe. You have us as your tag partners." Punk said with John behind him. "You ready?" I stood there looking at everyone surrounding me. Dean, Roman, Seth, Jey, Punk, John and Jimmy. I am safe. They wouldn't let anything hurt me. "I'm ready." I hugged everybody and we were on our way down to Gorilla. "The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first! From Aberdeen, Washington weighting in at 210 lbs Daniel Bryan!"

I looked over to find Randy and Brock staring at me. Punk and John stood in front to protect me. "And his tag team partners! From St. Louis, Missouri weighting in at 245 lbs Randy Orton!" Brock looked me in the eye before his song played and kept punching in front of him. Hard and fast. "From Minneapolis, Minnesota weighting in at 286 lbs Brock Lesnar!" we stood there waiting for our entrances. "And their opponents! From Chicago, Illinois weighting in at 218 lbs CM Punk!" "Don't let them win. You can beat them any day. Just stay close by and try to move quick." I nodded. "From West Newbury, Massachusetts weighting in at 251 lbs John Cena!" I punched in front of me harder and faster than Brock. I kicked as hard and fast as I could before my song played. I continued to play what John said to me in my head all through it and through my entrance.

"From Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania Ashley Sage!" I got a great response from the crowd. Punk started I stood on the apron waiting to be tagged in but how could I if they kept Punk away from John and I. Finally Punk slipped through Daniel's fingers and hot tagged me. I ran and took him down and was able to knock Orton off the apron but Lesnar was a challenge because he ducked my punch and held my wrist. I tried to wiggle free but couldn't. John ran and punched him until Brock countered and attacked John and Punk. We were getting beat pretty badly but thankfully that's when Jimmy and Jey came to our rescue. They beat the crap out of Randy and Daniel with John's help while me and Punk beat up Brock. But he reversed and knocked out Punk and started on me but Jimmy got pissed and attacked Brock from behind.

Continuing to beat the hell out of Brock because he hurt me. It took time before I realized I was in pain. It was so bad it took over my body and I blacked out. I opened my eyes again to see I'm in Jimmy and Jey's room. "Hey sleepy head. You okay? You were out for a good 2 hours." I tried to nod but felt a headache overcome me. "I feel like I was hit by a truck." "That's from the match and brawl that took place with Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar." I got up to shower. Once I was out I changed into my PJ's and crawled into bed. "Hey Asher I need to say somethin to you." he sat at the edge of my bed while I sat up to look him in the eye. "What is it Jimmy?" he leaned in and kissed me. It didn't take long for things to get very heated. I leaned back and he leaned toward me never breaking the kiss. I rolled over so I was on top straddling his waist. Our lips moving in sync, our hands roaming each others bodies until the door opened and there stood Jey.

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