WWE One Shots


13. A dashing couple (Brooklyn's Imagine)



{Leiha Quinn WE ALL hope you like it!  Sorry it took so long. I'm experiencing a writer's block episode right now. I really hope you like it!}

"The following 6 on 7 handi-cap Divas tag team match is scheduled for one fall!...Introducing first the tag team of Eva Marie, JoJo, Alicia Fox and Cameron and Naomi The Funkadactyls!!!...And their tag team partners from Scottsdale, Arizona Brie and Brooklyn Marie Bella!!!...And their opponents the tag team of AJ Lee, Natalya, Layla, Vickie Guerrero and Rosa Mendes!!!...And their tag team partner from Scottsdale, Arizona Nikki Bella!!!" Can you believe Brie and I are having to fight our own sister? Yeah neither can we. But it's what the McMahon's wanted. Anyway, It's starts off with AJ and Eva. They locked up but it turned into a bitch slap fight. That didn't end till the ref tore them apart. Eva came to our corner and I tagged myself in trying to get us on the right foot. I ran at AJ who ducked and I ended up ramming my shoulder into the ring post. It hurt like you wouldn't know. AJ grabbed a hold of my shorts and drug me full circle back into the post again. And next thing I knew she was pinning me. 1...2... I kicked out.



AJ and I continued the match for a good 5 minutes. The entire time I held my left arm towards my body. I didn't want to move it. Right as I was gonna hit a perfect Clothesline I was tagged out by Brie who hit it for me. She continued the match for another 2 minutes. The other Divas kept tagging out but Nikki never tagged in. I was shocked. Then when I felt okay enough to get back in. Brie tagged me in and I waited for Rosa to get up when she quickly crawled for Nikki and tagged her in. Nikki and I stared at each other when we both ran for each other. We ducked every move we tried, it wasn't even funny anymore. But finally I caught her off guard and I hit the Bella Buster and went for the pin 1...2...3! "Here are your winners Eva Marie, Alicia Fox, JoJo, Cameron and Naomi The Funkadactyls, Brie and Brooklyn Marie Bella!!!" We celebrated until I was spun around and knocked out cold. The next time I opened my eyes I was in the back being looked over by the doc. We heard a knock and came in Nikki, John, Brie, Bryan, Randy and...Cody?



What is Cody doing here? "Hey, how are you?" Brie asked. "I'm okay but I want to know. Who knocked my ass out?" They looked at each other then Cody came up to me, held my hand and told me. "Brooke...It was all Nikki and AJ!" he replied rushing out of his seat and pointing at Nikki. Everyone laughed and Nikki defended. "You ass! I only did it to make the scene and feud more believable. I didn't mean for you to get hurt." "It's okay Nicole. I'm fine. I have a concussion but I'm okay." "Hey, do you guys mind if we have a few minutes alone? I wanted to talk to Brooklyn." Cody asked. "Sure thing. We'll be right outside." Bryan replied pushing everyone out. I giggled a bit. "So...Cody what did you want to tell me?" he took a deep breath. "Brooklyn, I'm not sure how to tell you but Bryan and Randy told me to do it now or never." "Tell me."



"Brooklyn Marie Bella, I love you. I've always loved you. The minute we first met I knew you were the woman I wanted to be mine. I just never thought you'd love me back. Especially since we've been friends for so many years, I didn't want to ruin our friendship. But I don't want to waste anymore time so will you Brooklyn Marie Garcia-Colace be my girlfriend?" Tears started to stream down my face. Happy tears. He wiped them away as I smiled and pulled him closer to me. I kissed him sweetly. We both smiled in the kiss. When we pulled away we heard cheers and looked over it was Doc, Bryan, John, Randy, Eva, Nikki and Brie. We smiled when Eva, Nikki and Brie said at the same exact time "What a dashing couple!" We just shook our heads and laughed. It was funny since Creative was wanting to bring back his Dashing character soon.

{Chapter written by Miss Kyle.}

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