10 Things ~ Liam Payne

I came back to the real world after realising I had blacked out. Words were coming out of my mothers mouth who was standing next to me, that I just caught, “ Are you ready honey “ I took a moment. So many things were rushing through my mind. I was about to walk down the isle to marry someone who I completely adored but haven’t been sure about lately, I knew that something was up during this week, disappearing randomly, being late from work. Am I making the right decision or a very big mistake ?


4. Chapter 4

Hey Everyone,

I’m really sorry I haven’t had time to update It’s been the holidays and I have been away. Also I’m so sorry I have been really lazy about it, but I’m going to make a pack and try to commit as much as I can. This is going to be a short chapter I’m sorry I am trying to build up the story but not give away much

Anyway Enjoy 

Sophie :) x

Liam POV

It’s been days now since Beth left for wherever she went, she hasn’t returned any of my calls or texts. I just don’t understand, she seemed perfectly happy where she was and how her life was going, Was it me ? 

My thoughts stop as I hear a knock at the door so I go to answer, I look through the peephole.

“ SHIT! ” I yelp. I try to be quiet It’s the rental people. Beth and I didn’t manage to make enough money for this month since she has been gone, well I guess I haven’t made enough money but I haven’t payed for the 2 previous months and Beth chipped in for both of them. I completely forgot but, know she isn’t here, and I don’t have the money. I wait until he goes before I hear a loud press on my door, I look again through the peephole and no one is there so I go outside to see what it was.

I step outside to see a BIG bold red sticker on my door saying …

EVICTION NOTICE ” great, absolutely great, they are making me move out in 3 weeks  time, and If I don't have enough money by then I guess I’ll be living on the streets. I am too afraid to ask my parents because I haven’t seen them in forever, plus my father was scary as hell.

The thought came to my mind that Beth didn’t have the money also for 3 months before that to pay for the rent, So I had to chip in then, me then not having enough money for this months rent. But I guess she had enough money to move to Alabama? was she playing me, is that why she left. Geez I thought she was one of my best friends.

I decide to send a text to her, I didn’t want to start and argument but I needed the money I owed back to keep the apartment.


Hey Beths,

It’s Liam. I hope your going okay wherever you are. I’m sorry but I really need the money you owed me for rent, they have given me an evictions notice for 3 weeks, If I don't have that money I’m left on the streets. Thanks I can’t wait to hear back from you

Liam x :)

PS: I just want to let you know I miss you Beth, I don’t know where you have gone or why I am so worried about you. Please reply and let me know, I miss you, I love you …


I hadn’t heard from beth for 3 months now. I was really starting to get worried but what can I do, I had been moved out from the apartment I grew some balls and saw my parents for the first time in years. They are filthy rich and all of a sudden start to see me as their son again, I was happy but at first it was awkward, but now I am living with them.

I feel like I have had a fresh start and this time for real, My parents gave me the money to go to university and I started as a trainee in chemistry. Playing with chemicals just makes me feel alive. I LOVE IT SO MUCH

Anyway there is only one thing missing I don’t know what it is, But I can just feel there is something

It’s Beth

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