10 Things ~ Liam Payne

I came back to the real world after realising I had blacked out. Words were coming out of my mothers mouth who was standing next to me, that I just caught, “ Are you ready honey “ I took a moment. So many things were rushing through my mind. I was about to walk down the isle to marry someone who I completely adored but haven’t been sure about lately, I knew that something was up during this week, disappearing randomly, being late from work. Am I making the right decision or a very big mistake ?


3. Chapter 3

Beth POV

I woke up bright and early and started to get ready to board my plane. I couldn’t believe that this was happening I was moving out and living in a random country all on my own, for the first time in my life. I can’t imagine my life without Liam, I was hard having to write him a letter to tell him I’m leaving, But I knew if I did tell him he wouldn’t even let me go.

I got all my things together and headed for the door. Luckily I have all the money I need from just graduated, but a tear started to roll down my face as I put the letter and my rent, down next to Liam. I just stood there staring at him sleeping peacefully for a while because, I knew leaving him would be the hardest thing. I give him a slight kiss on the forehead for him not to wake up. 

I stepped out of the door nervously and shut it quietly. I headed out of the building and called for a taxi. Before I knew it I was on my way to the airport and leaving New York. I stare out the side the mirror looking back at the apartment, I see a young couple hopping out of a car with their own bundle of joy, I’m assuming they just came back from the hospital. It reminded me of Liam I don’t know why I am so attached but he would be a great father.

My taxi hit’s the brakes one more time, for me to look up and see I have arrived at the airport. I walk out and the driver helps me bring my things. I walk in to see me plane is boarding. I must have read the time wrong.

“ Shit “ I thought to myself, I ran through all the crowds trying to say excuse me politely every 5 seconds. I at last reach the terminal out of breath and the lady greets me, I say a friendly hello. I board my luggage and then hop on the plane. I go ahead to find my seat and sit down. I was just praying that there was no babies next to or behind me. I look out the window of my seat and start thinking to myself what did I do, But I thought I was ready. I wanted to start fresh, I didn’t know if that would work it was risking everything, but I have to give it a try … I guess

Liam POV

I wake to the noise of the TV when It’s turned onto Good Morning America. I roll over and feel as I have squashed something. It had written on the front Liam Payne with 2 xx’s. I look inside and It is money at the bottom it say’s my rent, so I was guessing it was from Beth. As I thought harder Beth didn’t tell me she was going anywhere, so I wonder were she went. Then I look at the other Letter and this one said the same on the front, This time I felt it being a bit lighter as an actual letter fell out, I start to read nervously

Dear Liam,

As soon as I see this words I don't know what to think, It sounds serious and It’s from Beth, I don't want to read on but I do.

I am so sorry that I have to tell you something so important in this horrible way, when you are my best friend. When you get to the end of this letter don’t panic or come after me. I wan’t you to live your life the way normal people do. Not me being there every 5 seconds complaining about something, when you never do. I thought It was about time I moved out. I have flown to Alabama not to a lunch date :).

I feel like I need a fresh start and It might work out for me here. Just promise me 1 thing, Please Liam don’t do anything stupid and take care of yourself. I love you Liam Payne

Beth xoxo

I roll back over staring at the ceiling. She really moved out I thought, But why, I didn’t think I did anything wrong. 

“ SHIT ! “ I look at the time and I am late for work I am going to have to figure this out later

Beth POV

I hear a slight voice through my head, so I slowly wake up. It was the flight attendant

“ Good Morning Mam, would you like any food or drink ? “

“ No “ I say quietly 

“ What bring you to Alabama ? “

I pause for a second looking her straight through the eyes are her smile starts to fade, I can’t be rude nothing is hurt fault I guess this is when drama from school comes in handy.

“ I’m just going for a fresh start “ I force out a smile

“ Well, Alabama is a lovely place enjoy your fresh start “ The flight attendant walks away. I start to think about Liam, I wonder if he even felt the letter, If he even read it, I wonder what his thinking. 

There is this thing I do, I know when I like something when I LOVE 10 things about them, The thing was I chose Sebastian because there was 10 things I absolutely love about him.

His Eyes

His Voice

His Smile

His Body

His Love

His compassion 

His Hair (might be over exaggerating)

The way he fell asleep at night

The way he hugged me and last but not least 10. The way he kissed me

I am so confused about my feelings for Liam, I say I love him and Inside I really do, but him being my best friend, he already has those 10 things, yet we aren’t dating. Should I forget about Liam, or does he need 11 things about him that I will absolutely LOVE ?

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