death does us part

This is story which i have been working on for a very long time so in joy


1. death do us part (prologue)

Death do us part


“Right can you start from the beginning miss…?”

I sat there for a for a long time until I said “I could have stopped her I just could have if she had been given a chance people would of helped her.” I started to think. We could have stopped it but she pushed us away even Him.

“And my name is Ana Colt. So who first, Him or her?” The man sat there wondering what I was going on about so he left me to my thoughts for a couple of minutes then came back. As he asked me the questions, it was as if I was dead, I was not listening to a word he was saying. Then I spoke. “So answer my question, who do you want to know about first, Him … or her?”

The detective sat there for a second then said “I would like to know about her first then him.”

“Is this what you are about to ask me…”

“Yes, does this all li….”

“Yes it does link to her murder” I interrupted, “but I had to do it, I just had to, after I have told you what happened to Elizabeth and you still don’t believe me maybe you could meet Him for yourself” and that was where I stopped talking and just stared at my hands. It will be over soon Elizabeth, you will finally be at peace. I stared at the police officer and said “where should I start?”

“Well, at the beginning if possible.”


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