Don't Bully Me

Hayley is a 13 year old girl who enjoys playing the piano, playing games, and sleeping. She is very intelligent and gets straight A's in all her exams. Her parents are very proud of her and treat her nicely. But her classmates don't.


2. Chapter 2

I walked through the school, it seemed like everyone was staring at me.

"Hey ugly, I heard you have a Facebook!" Ella's gang of friends laughed at me, causing everybody else to do so.


The whole day I kept my head down, working silently, then came lunch.

I looked over at the popular tables.

Ella Smith: Stereotypical blonde with a mean attitude.

Jordan Lewis: Bad boy of the school

Tim Macintosh: Mr Jock

and countless others I couldn't care less about.


As I plonked myself down at a empty table, I felt someone's eyes planted on me. When I looked around to see who it was I found Jordan Lewis, THE Jordan Lewis staring at me. Me.

My cheeks went bright red and I squirmed in my seat.


When I got home and opened my laptop, I instantly went onto Facebook. I had already gotten 4 notifications. I wonder who they are from?

3 Notifications - Jordan Lewis

1 Friend request - Jordan Lewis


I hit the accept button reluctantly, then looked at the comments.


Jordan: Hey! Heard you have a Facebook!


Jordan: Hello?


Jordan: God! You ARE slow!


Hayley: Oh, uh, sorry. 


Hayley: Hey! 


Jordan: Geez. How's it going? Heard Ella's giving you a hard time.


Hayley: I'm good! It's fine, just light teasing.


Jordan: Well, would you like to come sit with my group at lunch?


Hayley: Oh, uh..Sure! 


Jordan: Great. Gotta go do homework to keep up with the great Hayley :)


Hayley: Okay, bye!


"Hayley! Dinner is ready!" Mum called from the kitchen.

I shut my laptop. I had a smile glued onto my face. My mind was still frantically buzzing around I couldn't process what had just happend. Did Jordan just ask me to sit at his table at lunch?


At the dinner table, I still I was still smiling and happy. Mum asked, "You look very happy today! What happend?"

"Oh, nothing," I said as a slight giggle came out. 

"Was it another great mark of yours?" Mum said then started laughing  with Dad. 

I smiled and ate my tea quietly.

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