Don't Bully Me

Hayley is a 13 year old girl who enjoys playing the piano, playing games, and sleeping. She is very intelligent and gets straight A's in all her exams. Her parents are very proud of her and treat her nicely. But her classmates don't.


1. Chapter 1

"Alright girls, the maths exam is on tomorrow, so I will do a quick run through about what is going to be in it," Miss Smith told the class.

Half the class had already zoned out and some have slumped onto their desks and took a nap. I was the only one listening.

Miss Smith wrote on the board a list of maths problems and gave that as revision for us. No one copied it down. "How are these people going to get into University like this?" I thought.

The bell rang for the end of school and everyone hurried out through the door, pushing and shoving. Everyone was on their phones outside, while waiting for their parents. 

"What are they doing on their phones?" I thought.

When I got home, I ran up the stairs and opened my Mac. All the folders were neatly ordered in alphabetical order and every thing looked neat. I could only ever work if it was neat.

After 2 hours, I already finished my homework and revision. I was thinking about what my classmates were doing on their phones and remembered the social networking site. 


I decided to create an account on it, since most people these days do.

So I opened Google Chrome and typed in

I created an account.

"Wow, that was quick," I thought.

I added some people who I knew had an account and added people they knew, and people they knew. A message came up on my screen saying:

Only friend people you know in person.

I thought it wouldn't do any harm, so I clicked OK.

"Dinners ready!" Mum called from downstairs.

I slammed my laptop and rushed downstairs. We normally eat dinner while we watch the news, so I took my plate of pizza and took it to the couch. 

"A report has come in saying that a 13 year old girl has commited suicide after being bullied at school multiple times. She was found hanging from a rope in her bedroom. We will now hear what her mother has to say." The news reporter said.


"I always thought Samantha was fine at school, she never told me anything about getting bullied. Only after a while, I went to just clean her room and her laptop was open on her Facebook profile and I saw messages which were very rude." Samantha's mum cried.

Just as I was about to listen more, Mum turned off the TV.

"You see Hayley, these kids get bullied, then they commit suicide. Please tell me if anything does happen at school," Mum told me.

I ran back up to my room after I'd finished dinner. When I opened my laptop, I saw I got 25 new messages. 

"Wow, already?" I was quite suprised.

They were from the most popular girl in school, Ella. I clicked on the messages. I was excited to see what she was going to say to me. 

Ella: ugh, really Hayley?
Ella: facebook is ONLY for popular people not nerdy people like you!

Ella: Just delete your account for gods sakes!!

Ella: Ugly


My heart dropped when I saw these.


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