Autumn runs away from home with her older brother and younger sister they go to bates motel , she likes a boy named Norman, but he's just like all the other boys she meets , then five boys come up to her on the bus and start to bully her , then a boy came and helped her , she has to choose between Luke ,Calum ,Ashton , or Michael.


4. The four boys

I sit there waiting for the bus to arrive almost about to cry, then I see the bus driving on the road , I pick up my bag and wipe the my tears away , the bus finally gets here and I give the bus drive $2 then I go sit at the back.

I plug in my ear phones and start to listen to music , about 3 minutes later I see five boys coming my way ," hey slut what are you doing back here ?" One of the boys said looking at me smiling ,"what I couldn't hear you" I said pulling out my ear bud, the boy looks at me and leans over to kiss me , I slap him " what are you doing" I said covering my mouth , then I get up trying to push the curly haired boy out of the way, but the curly haired boy gets a grip on my arm and wouldn't let go," let me go"I say trying to push his hand away.

A boy comes to the back and try and help me ," let her go now " the boy said , "whatever we didn't want her anyways" the curly haired boy says putting his hands up then smiling , the boy grabs my hand and leads me to their spot, "this is Luke,Ashton ,Michael,and I'm Calum" Calum says smiling and letting my hand go," oh well I'm Autumn"I say blushing a bit, I sit my Luke , all he did was stare at me it was kinda weird ," so Luke what classes do you take?"I asked staring at him with confusion ," ummm....I...."he said then covering his face , " oh I'm sorry what did u do ?" I said trying to help him then I look at Calum ," what did I do?" I asked," oh nothing he's just very shy when it comes to girls, he well never dated anyone before" Calum said smiling ," oh god" I said covering my mouth then looking at Luke ," if this would make you feel better I would date you" I asked with compassion then a smile ,he looks at me and smiles then looks forward .

About 10 minutes later

We get to the school , I get off the bus and head for the front office," hey I'm Autumn the new student" I say looking at the woman at the desk ," oh hi well let's get you started ok" she said looking at me with disgust ," ok then" I said glaring at her , she gave me my locker number and my classes ," thanks now leave" she said picking up the phone ," bye..." I said then leaving , I roll my eyes and start to walk to my locker ,I finally find it 5 minutes later I look who my locker mates are it's Luke and the curly haired boy and right across from me is Calum ," hey Luke what's up" I say putting my stuff away ," nothing much just getting ready for class, then I feels hand grab my ass ," what the fuck do you think your doing" I say turning around looking at the curly haired boy ," hi I haven't introduced myself yet" he said still holding my ass ," I don't really give a fuck just let my ass go" I said getting impatient , Luke comes and so does Calum , Luke grabs his hand and takes it off my ass, " thanks Luke " I said hugging him then hugging Calum my shirt lifting over my waist so you can see my stomach , Calum holding me by my waist.

The boy with the curly hair looks at me ," your so fucking sexy oh yeah I'm Harry" he said trying to hug me , I start to walk to my class with Ashton,Luke,Michael,and Calum ," so what class do you guys have?" I asked nudging Luke and Ashton," well I have science now " Ashton said smiling at me ," I have drama"Luke said nudging back," oh look at that I have drama to" I said grabbing Luke's hand and running down the hall.

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