Autumn runs away from home with her older brother and younger sister they go to bates motel , she likes a boy named Norman, but he's just like all the other boys she meets , then five boys come up to her on the bus and start to bully her , then a boy came and helped her , she has to choose between Luke ,Calum ,Ashton , or Michael.


1. enough is enough

I sit there listening to my parents fight, then it go's silent I run to my closet and sit hugging my legs I hear him coming up the stairs , I breath deep almost about to cry I hear foot steps appear in my room then sits on my bed , "Autumn come out now or I'll go to Emma's room", he said then frowned , he got up and started to walk to her room , I run out of the closet and tried to push my dad away but couldn't , he grabbed me and threw me on the bed I lay there, I see him coming closer and taking his belt off , I scream then Robby comes in he hits dad in the head with a lamp , he falls , rob picks me up the sits me on his lap , I cry into him , 10 minutes later rob tells me to pack up I grab a suit case and pack up some clothes then I run to Emma's room and wake her up, Emma sits there while I pack her things, I run to my room and grab my purse .

I look at my dad laying there on my floor , I kick him as hard as I could in his face , then I grab my pillow and money I have saved up for 8 years , Emma has her stuffed elephant and a blanket , rob comes out with money and a gun , he gets the car keys and he head in the car,"wait we forgot ben ", I say running inside ,"Benny , Ben where are you" I whisper , he runs out of his hiding spot I bend down and pick him up , I hear my father wake up I run out the door and put Ben in the back with Emma , "go rob GO!" I say while dad was coming out of the house , he backs up quick and we drive away.

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