My mate, My protector, My brother

Andrea is a girl who was adopted at the age of 13 by a family of werewolves but then something happens and her family is torn apart. After three years she is reunited with her brother but what happens when he finds out he's mated to her. What will happen when Andrea finds out that her who life was actually something else entirely. What will happen when she is reunited to her real family. Will her mate finally see her as the one he is destined to be or will he finally accept her after a long and rocky road?


6. Chapter 6

"What do you mean your my brother? I don't have any family." I said.

"Yes you do Andrea I'm your brother I'm actually your twin brother please you have to listen me" he said I could hear he wasn't lying I felt David come next to me.

"Listen Andrea long ago mom, dad, you, and me we lived together and we were happy but vampires wanted to take you away because you have powers no one has ever seen before so when you turned 13 the only way to protect you to protect all of us was if everyone from the village let their sons and daughters go. But with you mom and dad had to give you false memories and take your powers away otherwise they would find you and they would take you they said we would be-"

"The brother of the princess had to find the princess to so he could restore her memory and save her people" I said catching him off guard. I turn to David. "That story you would always tell me, you were preparing me, you knew about this?"

"Andrea please listen you need to drink this" said the mystery guy and he handed me a small vial.

"If I drink this my memories will come back?" I asked.

"Yes now please hurry they are getting close" he said.

I laid on the ground and I felt David get on his knees and put my head in his lap I took the vial and opened it and put it to my lips I took a deep breath and thought tell me the story. And I took off my glasses and drank the potion and closed my eyes. Memories came flashing back of my family, my village, my friends, my powers, my dragon Blackjack everything was just rushing through my head and I could faintly hear David telling me the story.

"Once upon a time there was a princess who loved her people and had special powers she could do whatever she wanted but she would always used her powers for good. But there were people that wanted to use them for bad and they tried to attack her. Her family decided they had to say goodbye so they sent the princess away and took her powers and memories. But when the princess turned 18 the brother of the princess would find her because she needed her powers to be restored so she could save her people. Now it's time for the princess to wake up"

I opened my eyes and everything was still dark I blinked and it became white I blinked again and everything was blurry, again and I could see shapes and colors, one last time and everything was clear I could see again I could see colors the trees the sky turning from blue to yellow to purple to black I lifted my hands to my eyes and I couldn't feel the scars that I use to have I looked around and I could see the faces of all my friends staring at me I looked at my twin we had the same blue eyes and medium skin. I felt tears come to my eyes.

"Adriel?" I breathed. "Oh gods is that really you?" And I tackle hugged him and and held his face just to make sure he wouldn't disappear.

"Heh nice to see you to" he said as he held me. I heard someone clear their throat I turned and saw Missael for the first time in three years. His eyes were a golden brown, his hair looked messy and pitch black, he was tall with a broad chest he was fit but not over muscular, his biceps were pretty big he had thin lips with his cheek bones.

"Would someone like to explain what's going on?" He asked.

"I'm a vampire hunter." I said. "My parents sent me away to protect me because vampires were after my blood in order to possess my powers. My memories were wiped and my powers were taken but now they are back and the vampires are back and we need to be ready for when they attack" I turn to my brother "how much time do we have?"

"About 10 to 15 min ties they barley picked up your scent" he said, I turn to see all my old friends two of my really close friends approached.

"What are your orders?" Asked Jason.

"Earth and fire benders I want them on the front, air and water in the inner. The ones with magic in the middle. I want our healers inside the house all the other ones with special fighting skills or any other power split them into offense and defense. We will stay here. They are coming after me so I will stay here and try to fight off who ever comes. The wolves we will use them as offense." I said with my voice full of authority I never knew I had. Ruth my other friend went to my side while Jason let of the order and everyone got into place.

"Yeah there's one problem with that, I can't move" said Missael. I looked down at his feet and I can see the invisible bonds that were holding him down I looked around and saw that all the wolves couldn't move.

"They're almost here" said Adriel, "can you break the spell?"

"Yes but not yet let's take them by surprise" I said, "when I let you guys go I suggest you shift immediately, get ready."

My brother handed me a necklace I remembered this I put it on it was a heart but when I touched the middle it would give me my armor it was a thin coat the buttoned from the waist up to my chest and it flared at the waist down like a cape I had a black t-shirt underneath and black pants with knee high boots even my hair was pulled up into a tight bun, the coat looked like black leather but it's actually fabric dipped in a metal like liquid that is pretty sturdy and makes it look like a smooth black. Strapped to by back were my two swords that I could grab from the back and my daggers that I could grab from the bottom and an axe, I had a staff that was strapped to my thigh that when I would grab it it expanded and when it came into contact it would send an electrical current to them. They were light because our weapons were made of vibranium.

All the girls wore similar clothing, and the men wore jackets and pants with a black t-shirt also, but with outlining depending on your powers green earth/plants, red fire, dark blue water, sky blue air, grey power of the mind, purple magic, white shifters, orange healers, yellow spirits although the only one that had that power was me. Then we had those who were just our fighters everyone of us had strength and speed but they were just as valuable as the rest of us they wore all white suits. Some of us have more then one power if that is so you choose one to be your main power in many cases the first power you discovered every other power you wear that color as a band around your arm most people ranged from 1 to 3 powers at the most. But I was different I was born with all the powers it's a one in a million chance for that to happen and it happened to me that's why I'm so valuable. My outfit was just straight up black because there were to manny bands to wear on my arms.

Earth benders set up their walls and the fire benders had their hands on fire. The water were standing by the pool ready to use the water then they needed. My brother, my friends; Ruth, Jason, and David, and me were standing side by side then they came. The earth and fire tried their best to fight them off but there were many of them but they were taking them out pretty fast then the water were freezing them then shattering the ice or throwing icicles threw their heads the air were using the winds to keep them off and knock them into trees. The mind controllers would make them attack each other. Magic had fun turning them into animals or making them disintegrate, which was pretty funny. The shifters would turn into different animals and attack them. You could see white blurry and limbs flying everywhere the fighters were chopping up the vampires. Then the stronger ones came into our direction. My brother made one stop and kill at lest three of them before killing himself, he had power of mind, water, and healing. Ruth caused the ground to open and it swollen up about ten of them, she had earth and fire. Jason was a fighter but he had power of water. Technically we are all fighters but most use their powers but not us we like to fight. He shot small ice balls through them so fast that you would just see their bodies fall. I pulled out my sword took a deep breath and started to cut off their heads or split them in half, I quickly put my swords away and fire came to my hands and I started shooting at their heads. I took out metal balls and formed them into discs and moved them around so they would cut through their bodies. Then out of no where I felt something push me back right where I was standing stood who I was guessing was the leader. His eyes were glowing red and I was frozen in place. Those eyes would haunt my dreams for years.

"Mmm it's been so long, you look good, and if possible you smell great" he said. I felt someone come behind me and pick me up it was David because I felt the cold radiating off of him. "Oh hello brother long time."

My eyes widened. "Brother? Your his brother?" He didn't answer me.

"Leave her alone Keith. Your never going to have her, in fact I hope you die today." He said with so much hate it scared me.

"I figured you protect her you were always to weak to be a vampire the only reason your alive is because mom insisted you would be worthy someday but you were always a big disappointment." Then David launched at his brother and I was still frozen.

"Andrea watch out!" Shouted Missael, I had forgotten about them but I saw why he shouted there was a vampire coming to me I didn't have time to react so I just created a force field and he crashed into it making me fall on my back and loose focus I saw him going for the kill but I heard Keith shriek.

"No I need her alive!!" David was on the ground but he stood up when he saw his brother was distracted. Then I heard what sounded like a dive bomb and I knew that sound for a second everyone paused and looked up the sun was set and it was dark but with the fire that the fire benders were creating we could see except for the dragon that came out of no where and snatched up the vampire that was on top of me then his body fell in two pieces behind me I looked up and there stood my dragon, he looked like toothless but he had blue eyes like me and his tail wasn't broken. I smiled. And shouted.

"Now!" And the bounds holding the wolves down where broken and they shifted and started to attack. Also everyone's dragons came and breath fire down at the vampires.

"Retreat!" Shouted Keith. And the vampires started to fall back. But right before they left one of them shot something. At one of the fighters.

"Linda watch out!" I shouted but it was to late the thing entered near her stomach and she fell. I felt the pain in my gut and in my insides like if the thing turned into a spike ball at the last minute, I was connected to every bodies spirits so I could feel their pain trust me it was not pleasant. One of the other fighters Jonathan rushed to her side and I ran to her she was breathing fast but she would soon be gone.

"Hang in there Linda hang in there." He cooed.

"Take her inside to the healers" I orders and he picked her up and took her to the house. I looked into the woods where the vampires disappeared. I felt David come next me along with Missael and my brother.

"What's wrong?" Asked my brother.

"Something's not right" I said, "I know he said retreat but I feel like this isn't over" then my eyes widened. "He's going to attack the village! Mom and dad!"

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