My mate, My protector, My brother

Andrea is a girl who was adopted at the age of 13 by a family of werewolves but then something happens and her family is torn apart. After three years she is reunited with her brother but what happens when he finds out he's mated to her. What will happen when Andrea finds out that her who life was actually something else entirely. What will happen when she is reunited to her real family. Will her mate finally see her as the one he is destined to be or will he finally accept her after a long and rocky road?


17. Chapter 17

Missael's P.O.V

We were in my dad's jet heading to Paris I haven't told her yet it's fun seeing her trying to figure out what the surprise is. We found out that some of her peoples history might be in France so I decided to surprise her tomorrow we can do research but tonight I just want to dedicate it to her. I want to show her I'm not going to hurt her anymore. I still don't really know what happened to her while she was gone, but I wanted to I want her to tell me things I looked over she was picking some fruit from the little salad bar.

"Babe?" I asked.

"Yeah Hun?" She asked turning around I held out my arms gesturing for her to come and sit with me she walked over and I let her sit on my lap her head was against my chest and I could feel her eating the fruit.

"I want to know." I said.

"Know what?" She asked a little hesitant I think she knew what I was talking about.

"I want to know what happened to you that month when they had you." I said I heard her take a shaky breath. "I mean if you don't want to you don't have to."

"No no your right you should know maybe I can finally get over it. Maybe." She said and she took a deep breath. "The first week they raped me I would wake up when they would blast me with water then drag me to a room and they would tie me down to a table and rape me sometimes it would just be the one that took me other times he would have friends. I would scream that first week but that would just make them laugh. They started to get bored so that's when the torture started I would still wake up getting blasted by water but this time they would take me to different rooms where I'd be wiped or smacked or beaten. One time they strapped me down to a table and put these little pads on my body and electrocute me, another time they filled a tub with water and ice and they would hold me under. Another time they would pour wax on me or burn me with hot metal. The day you guys came and saved me they had just finished beating me that's why the cuts and everything was fresh. That was also the day when I lost the baby." I was gripping the seat because I didn't want to hurt her I could feel my wolf about to leave but then I felt her hands on my face and her soft lips press against mine. My body relaxed and I held her close.

"That will never happen to you again." I said as soon as we pulled away she pressed her head against mine.

"I know." She said.

"Get some rest we might get there late."

"Where are you taking me?" She asked.

"That's a surprise." I said she groaned and I just chuckled she put the plate that had her fruit and sat in the chair next to mine she hit a button that made it go back she curled up and fell asleep. She's so tiny it was cute I got a blanket that was in a cabinet and covered her.

I remember when she was little we would go on road trips and she would fall asleep in the car she looked just like that right now. I brushed her long hair back and I saw my mark and smiled. I sat back down on my chair and watched her for awhile before I fell asleep.

We woke up a little but before the plane landed the look on Andrea face when we got off the plane was priceless.

"You brought me to Paris!?" She asked looking around.

"Yeah." I said while chuckling it was night time but everything still looked beautiful her eyes were gleaming like a kid at Disneyland it was cute. We got into the car and she was looking out the window.

"Oh I wanna go there. Oh what's that? Oh oh can we go there? Wow that's a big library." She said I just smiled. We arrived at our hotel it looked very vintage and romantic the building was a creme color with red on the roof and the door s for the balconies. We went in and checked in we went up to our room. It was big with a king sized bed on the right side on the left side there was basically a living room it had a small couch and a big flat screen with a coffee table there was the balcony and the bathroom there was even a small kitchen here, but I'm pretty sure were gonna be eating out more.

"Oh my gods it so beautiful!" Said Andrea. I set the things next to the bed and walked to her and held her.

"Yeah it is." I kissed her head. "Are you ready Mrs. Jara?" I felt her stiffen a little and I rubbed her shoulders.

"Yeah I am just give me a sec." She said she grabbed her suitcase and went into the bathroom I chuckled a little and went over to the bed. I took off my shirt and pant and I put them in a small bag that I brought for dirty clothes, I took off my shoes and my socks and put the shoes next to the bed and the socks in the bag. I pulled the covers back and laid on the bed in my boxers. I could hear her talking to herself I laughed a little bit she was so cute when she's nervous I was nervous to but I didn't want to make more nervous then what she already was.

"I'm ready when you are babe." I said I heard her take a deep breath and open the door. Wow. She was beautiful. She was in a black lace night gown and her underwear matched it. She was holding her hands and I could see her blushing.

"So? How do I look?" She asked as she spun I got up and walked to her I held her chin and tilted her head up.

"You look breathtakingly beautiful." I said as I kissed her picked her up and took her to the bed. I laid her down gently as I hovered over her. "You ready for this?" I asked and she bit her lip god that looked so sexy. She nodded her head. This was it.

Andrea's P.O.V

The hotel was beautiful I was looking around and I felt Missael wrap his arms around me and kiss my head.

"Are you ready Mrs. Jara?" He asked and I stiffened a little. This was it. He rubbed my shoulders. "Yeah I am just give me a sec." I said as I grabbed my suitcase and went to the bathroom. This was it this was it ok I can do this.

I took a deep breath and opened my suitcase and looked at the underwear I had boughten with Yareli gods that was an embarrassing day. I found a black lace night gown with matching underwear. This looked good enough I took off my clothes and slipped on the gown and underwear I looked in the mirror I brushed my hair my curls were already fadi and now my hair was just wavy. I looked into the mirror.

"You can do this. He won't hurt you like they did. It's going to be ok this is your mate your talking about." I said to myself.

"I'm ready when you are babe." I heard Missael say. I took a deep breath and walked out the door slowly I was holding my hands together.

"So? How do I look?" I asked. His eyes got wide he stood up and walked over to me and held my chin and made me look at him.

"You look breathtakingly beautiful." He said as he kissed me he picked me up and took my to the bed he laid me down and hovered above me. "You ready for this?" He asked I bit my lip and I heard him moan a little. I nodded my head.

He leaned down and kissed me the kiss was so deep and passionate it felt like everything was on fire he pulled away and started to trail kisses down my neck. I breathed out and ran my hand through his hair. I felt his hands around my waist pulling me close to him. He kissed where my mark was and I felt tingles shoot through my body and I moaned. He came back up and kissed my lips he bit my lip and I gasped he took the opportunity and put his tongue in our tongues swirled together I could hear him moaning. His hands moved up my waist and he pulled away as he took off my night gown and my boobs were exposed I blushed a little and tried to cover up I heard him growl a little bit he slowly pulls my hands away as he held them by my sides.

"Don't ever hide your body from me." He said I felt him lick one of my nipples and I moaned. He sucked on one nipple while he played with the other my hands were gripping his hair. Oh gods that felt so good. I was breathing pretty heavy and so was he but he kept going trailing kisses all over my body. I tugged at his boxers and I felt him smile against my skin.

"Are you sure babe?" He asked.

"Yeah I'm sure." I said. He pulled off his boxers and his member was hard and big he put on a condom.

"Don't worry I'll go slow." He said as he stroked my cheek. He took off my under wear and rubbed me a little. I moaned gods my body felt so hot.

"Just relax ok baby." He said. He held my waist as he slowly entered his member inside. I gripped his shoulders and gritted my teeth.

"It's ok baby it's ok it'll pass." He said as he slowly moved inside me gods this hurt. "It's ok baby." He moved and I started to get use to it some pleasure took over the pain and I was moaning he started to move faster. He leaned down and kissed me and wrapped his arms around me. I kissed him back and wrapped my legs wound his waist and my hands were pulling his hair.

"Oh gods. Mmmmm baby that feels good." I moaned when he pulled away and started to kiss my neck he brought up one of his hands to my my boob and squeezed it. Then I felt all this pressure inside me just release and I was panting hard. He must of released also cause I felt him pull out and he kissed my head.

"That was amazing." He said as he laid next to me. My body felt so tired.

"Yeah it was." I managed to get out I felt his arms pull me to him.

"I love you." He said I smiled.

"I love you too." I said as we drifted off to sleep.

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