Meet Alice! A 17 year old with a miserable life. What happens when One Direction happen to save her from a near accident. Well, her whole life changes but she has a huge secret that could change everything. Will she live Happily?


9. Chapter 9- Lies

Alice's POV

I have a huge question, Nathan said he would get me once I turned 18. I am not 18 yet, right?

"Louis, how old am I?" I ask

"Well, I am not sure but I think you are 17....."He says unsure.

I just realized what I can do. They have to give me back to the orphanage, Nathan knows my birthday, he must have come to get me on my birthday which was yesterday. If they give me back to the orphanage, I can still be with Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn and........Harry, just not adopted by them.

"Louis, we have to go back to the orphanage!" I say

"Why? Is there something wrong." Louis says

"Well actually....." I say

Wait, I can't tell him about Nathan. Let me think.

"Actually, I am 18 years old, yesterday was my birthday..." I say

"How do you know that?" He asks

"It just came to me, anyways I need you to like unadopt me" I say and he looks shocked.

"I will stay with you but I don't want to be adopted by you." I lie. Why is this a lie? Well I am going to go to Nathan after they un-adopt me! He won't let Harry go otherwise!

"Oh......Okay, I'll go tell Liam" He says really sadly

Why would he be sad? I guess because of Harry! Duh, Alice you are so stupid.


"You don't want to adopt Alice?" Carly asks

"It's only been a day, what has she done?" She asks

"Well, since she turned 18 yesterday she wants to not be adopted but still stay with us." Liam says

"Okay then, fill up this paperwork." She says

"Thanks." Liam says

He finished quickly and I was officially unadopted. Maybe, if I talk to Nathan now, he would let Harry go.

Louis' POV

Now that the whole Alice adoption thing is over we have to gat back to Harry! What are they doing to him? Liam and Zayn have gone to the police station and they are trying to find them, whereas me, Niall and Alice are just sitting in the corners of our hotel room, trying to figure out what to do! We can't do anything other that cry, be sad or .........well, nothing! We can't do anything. I guess that I should go be with Alice. She seems very quiet ever since we came from the orphanage.

"Alice....are you okay?" I asked

"Y-yeah, why do you ask?" She said

"You seem awfully quiet. We all are but you seem to be scared or something." I say

"No, nothing's wrong....." She says 

I heard her mumble softly "Except for the fact that Harry is missing because of me"

"What? Alice, it is not your fault, how many times have we told you that.." I get cut of by Alice

"It is my fault, he took him! Don't you think it is weird tha..." she clamps her mouth shut

Why did she......oh my! She just said "he" took Harry!! Who is "he"??

"Did you just say 'he'?" I ask

"N-no, I-I didn't....O-of course n-not!" She says with a scared look on her face.

Something is definately wrong and she knows what it is.

Harry's POV

I held myself limply against the wall as I felt an aching sensation run through my body and to my head; it was excruciating. It was pain like I had never experienced before. I want to just grab my head and scream "stop!" but i can't even lift my arms against the pain I felt. 

"Tell us where she is and this will all stop!" One of them scream

"Why? So that you do this to her, never." I say in the lowest tone I could say. I can barely breathe from the kicks and punches to my stomach.

The pain that I feel may not be that much to some people but to me it is too much. I am not the strongest person, but I was able to stand the pain for some time. After a while though, it was too much! What do I do? I don't know. I can't let this happen to Alice, as much as this hurts me, an innocent girl like her should never feel that pain that I am feeling. It is wrong! I know that she will feel this pain but what I don't understand is, why they would do this. She could not have done anything to deserve this.

I don't want to give away where she is but I don't want to die either! The only thing I could do now is lie and that is what I do. 


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