Meet Alice! A 17 year old with a miserable life. What happens when One Direction happen to save her from a near accident. Well, her whole life changes but she has a huge secret that could change everything. Will she live Happily?


7. Chapter 7- Who?

Harry's POV

I woke up in a dark van. What happened? I need to think. I remember we were at the orphanage becasue we were going to adopt Alice. Then, she went missing. We went looking for her and someone pulled me into this van. Who? 

I saw a man around my age probably older come towards me.

"Look the prince has woken up!" He said and laughed. I do not find that funny. Wait! Why was I sleeping? They drugged me! 

"Who are you? Why did you kidnap me?" I asked

"Why would someone kidnap a popstar who is a millionaire?" The man said but then another man comes from the shadows.

"Let him know the truth, he may as well know it! He can't do anything anyways." The man behind him said.

"Okay then, well you see we work for someone and that person happens to be the older brother of the girl you were going to adopt." He said

"Well, just so you know we already adopted her and you can't harm her and she doen't have an older brother!" I smirked

"Are you going to be a wise guy?" He said and then he kicked my stomach. That hurt really bad.

"Why do you need to kidnap me for that?" I asked weakly

"Well, he thinks that we can hold you until they give Alice! When we get Alice, you are free. Simple?" He said

"What is his name?" I asked

"Nathan Sykes"


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