Meet Alice! A 17 year old with a miserable life. What happens when One Direction happen to save her from a near accident. Well, her whole life changes but she has a huge secret that could change everything. Will she live Happily?


6. Chapter 6- Harry!

Louis' POV

"So, would you like to adopt Alice?" She asks

"Well, yeah. We figured she would anyways have to leave this place......so..yeah" Zayn says

Wait zayn said that. He barely ever talks. Well, whatever.

I am kind of freaking out because I like Alice a little more that I should like her. I don't know why but ever since I met her she just seems to not get out of my head. Her hair, her smile, her eyes...everything about her is so beautiful. Unfortunately I think Niall likes her too. The way he looks at her just gives it away. I need yo do something about this.

"Okay well, you can adopt her, here is just some paperwork and you may need to know about her past. It may help in the future if she has panic attacks or something." she says

"Umm..sure" Liam says as he takes the paperwork and starts filling it out.

"Well, her dad left her when she was little, by left I mean he died from a car accident. Her mom on the other hand had a stroke. Her school life was not the happiest time of the day. She had been bullied, that's for sure. I guess that's all you need to know." She says

"She was bullied? How do you know that?" Niall asks looking like he was about to cry. Why does he always cry about almost everything.

"Well, when she realized her mom had died she had a concussion and when she was taken to the hospital they saw the physical damage that had been done to her body. She has gotten hurt mainly in her stomach and ribs. The doctor also found out that she had been cutting." she says

That's when Niall lost it. He just started crying. Although he has a reason to cry, why would a girl so beautiful be bullied? Why did she cut? I think this lady does not know the rest of Alice's history. Neither do I, but I know that I need to find out what it is.

"Well, okay, we understand that completely. I finished the paperwork. Can we take her now?" Liam asks

"Well your paperwork seems to be in order....yes you can take her now." She replies

"Thank you" I say as we all leave the room.

We go back to where we left Alice. What was she doing all this time?

As we reach the place, we look around for Alice. Where is she?

Alice's POV

What am I doing? Okay I am running away from the person who I recognized as my bully. Okay, what am I doing? That question doesn't seem to have an answer. Why did I leave, I should have just ran to them, why did I leave?

Okay, I need to go back. They are probably looking for me. Calm down, Alice. Okay, better now. As I go back I see this white truck near the orphanage. Just as a person leaves the orphanage gate someone takes them inside the truck.

What is going on? The truck starts to move. Oh no. Who was taken in that truck. Just as the truck moves away. I see Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn looking at me. They look terrified. Wait, where is Harry???

Niall's POV

When that lady said the she used to cut, I just couldn't take it. I guess Harry calmed me down though, so I am fine for now. So, we leave the room and go look for Alice. Hmmmm, where is she? We try looking around like mad men, but then......

"Maybe she went outside?" Harry suggested

"Yeah, let's go check" Louis says

We go outside and look around. Nope, she's not here. So we go out the gate to look and this white van is in front of us. Some random dude comes out and pushes Harry inside the van and then the truck starts moving. What just happened.

"HARRY!!!" we all scream

And after the truck moves we see a girl across the road.


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