Meet Alice! A 17 year old with a miserable life. What happens when One Direction happen to save her from a near accident. Well, her whole life changes but she has a huge secret that could change everything. Will she live Happily?


5. Chapter 5- I am staying?

"Alice, this may be kind of weird but you are an orphan and we want to adopt you" Liam says

What the hell rid he just say. Did he just say what I heard? This is unbelievable. Oh My.

"What?!" I shout

"Well we really like you and we want to adopt you just remember though, we don't want to seem like parents to you more like a brother or a friend" Liam says looking at Louis for some reason. That's suspicious.

"Okay" I replied

Okay so I basically don't know who I am or who they are but I am getting adopted by a pop boyband. This is going to be fun.


I slept in Louis' bed while he slept on the couch. I felt pretty bad about it but he said I could and a girl needs sleep so what can I say. So apparently I have to go to the orphanage to do some paperwork stuff. Maybe I can try and figure what what happened the other day. Why was I on that road. I am an orphan right, I should have been at the orphanage at that time. Okay, enough thinking, I need to get ready to go. Wait, what do I wear. I am still wearing the clothes I was wearing that day. Just then Harry came inside.

"Hey, hmm you probably have nothing to wear for now. Well, my sister left some clothes here the last time she visited, so you can have them for now. In the evening or something we can all go shopping." Harry said

"Yeah, sure. Thanks by the way." I said

"Your welcome, we are going to leave in about 30 minutes. Eo you better go and get ready. See you later." He said as he left the room

So I go and take a shower and then wear the clothes. It was a green top with a cute flower design. A little too girly for me, but it will do and jeans. I wear the clothes. It is a little loose but it looks good. I just brush my hair with my hands. I guess I look fine. And it's been 20 minutes. I am really hungry right now. Random, I know. But it is the truth. I have to eat something. And since I got ready quick, I have some time to eat.

I walk to the dining room and lucky for me they all are still eating.

"Hey Alice, would you like some breakfast" Harry said. I guess he is the one who always cooks.

"Yes, please" I say

In about 3 minutes he brings out a plate of pancakes with 3 pancakes piled on top of each other with maple syrup dripping on top. This looks like heaven.

"This looks amazing" I say

"Thanks!" Harry replies

So we all eat breakfast and then we go outside and I see this huge black limousine.

"Wow" I say in a very low voice. I guess Zayn heard me though.

"You like it? This is my favorite limo" Zayn says

As I walk over to the car, I am about to open it and go inside and then...

"Ladies first" Niall says in a fake deep British accent.

I give out a little chuckle and enter the limo.

The whole limo ride has been kind of awkward. Nobody said anything but I am fine with it.

We finally reach the orphanage. It looks kind of big. I needed to find out what happened that night. As I enter the orphanage, the scene comes clear in my mind. I had a bully here, I hot my head and ran out from the door I just entered from now. I kept running and had no idea what I was doing. Okay, I better stay close to the boys. Now, why was I here. Just then, a lady comes near us, I think she is the orphanage owners.

"Hel..ALICE" she screams the last part. I have to admit, that was creepy.

"Hello?" I reply

"Where have you been, I haven't seen you in 2 days. I was worried sick about you and who are you with." she turns her head and sees the one and only one direction. "Why are you with one direction?"

"I.." I started

"We want to actually adopt her" Louis says

"Oh in that case, please come into that room" she says

I am left there standing alone. What should I do? Well I guess I should pack my stuff. Now where is my room.

"Hmm, I used to be in this orphangage. Do you know where my room is?" I ask a girl who seems to he around my age.

"Oh, if it isn't that bitch named Alice" She says

Everything comes back, she is my bully. I ran away from her. I need to get out of here.

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