The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



8. Chapter 8 "This stranger is mine"

Chapter 8

After Daissy had arrived we cleaned the whole house and then we fell asleep on the couch.. It was very hard to get done, I told her everything from the moment I've decided to come back to London to that stranger who dialed a wrong number, but I swear his voice is so familiar.

There was a lot of noise that woke me up .. Someone kept knockin' on this door for so long but I didn't have the power to get up and open it .. "Shut up!!" I groaned

"Stoooop!!" I yelled this time enough for this unexpected visitor to hear me

"Open this Fuckin' door" Is that.. ?!

"I'm sorry dude I've been sleeping it was a long day" I told Bake as soon as I've opened the door for him and he rushed into the house

"I've been waiting outside for the past 30 minutes, I've called U over 50 times and my friends are waiting in the car for me, how couldn't U hear me?" He yelled but he was only worried not angry I can tell

"I said I'm sorry I was asleep, It was a very long day for me .. U can go now?" I said with no power

"Its ok, I'm sorry for yelling at U too, I was worried that something wrong happened to U while U were home alone" See I know him well enough

"Ok and I'm not home alone" I assured him

"Who's here?! Is one of your parents bck?!" He asked while looking around the hall 

"No no !! Its just Daissy, She was here to help me cleaning and unpacking my stuff" I explained 

"Ok" He said "I'll go now my friends have been waiting for so long" He said pointing outside to the car

"Ohh .. ok, I'll call U later" I said clearing the pass for him

"I'll come by after I finish I have a surprise for U" He said and a wide smile is drawn on his face

"What is it ?!" I wanna know now 

"It won't be a surprise if I told U" He reminds me

"I know that but I wanna know" I said

"Not now wait till the night" 

"Its night now, see there's no sun" I said pointing outside

"U know what I mean bye" He said while walking

"Bye" I said giving him a smile

As soon as he's gone I closed the door and searched for my phone .. *47 missed calls from Bake* Ok *3 from this stranger* I should call him back I need to know who is he *15 from MUM ?!* Whaaaat if she called me on this number and of course it was available then I'm sure that she knows that I'm here by now .. What should I do, I knew that that was coming but not that soon. this missed call was 30 min. ago if she booked a plane ticket she won't be here before 6:00 am I have enough time to get out of this house, of course she'll know that I'm London but if I moved she won't know where I'm .. I need to put my problems with my mum away until after tomorrow's concert It has to be my best day ever.

"Hey!! Daz com'on wake up" I said in a loud voice trying to wake Daissy up.

"What" She groaned in a sleepy voice 

"Com'on my mum knew that I'm in London, I guess but both ways I'm staying with U tonight" I said while grabbing by things from the coffee table to my handbag

"Sure, but should we go by now .. I mean we both need to sleep" She said with her eyes closed

"Sleeping is the last thing I'm thinking about I've only slept 30 min since yesterday"

"Ok" She answered and she's still asleep

"Com'on" I said while grabbing a glass of water and I threw it onto her face

"What the hell was that" She said while sitting straight

"Get up" I said while going to my room to pack my things AGAIN leaving Daz in the leaving room

After I've packed my things and took a shower I went down with the suitcases to wake her up again

"RU coming with me or not?!" I yelled but she can't hear me

"Lets go" I shouted one more time but this time I've thrown another glass on her face

"Ok ok I'm awake now" She said getting off this couch and straight to the bathroom to get dressed, I thought about calling this stranger .. I need to know who is he ?! 

"Heloo" The stranger answered

"Hey .. Do I know U"

"Excuse me?" He asked

"Do I know U .. the first time U called U said that U've dialed a wrong number and then U kept calling me for a few times & your voice is so familiar so Do I know U?!" I said fast

'Well, I don't think so, I'm sorry again your number is so near from my friend's and I dialed it wrong few times & .." He was explaining BUT

"I don't wanna hear the story of your life, And I'm sorry if I've wasted your time" I cut him off "Bye" I added hanging up

When I hanged up with this stranger that I'm sure that I don't know him by now, I checked my home screen to find another missed calls .. Its from christine !! Whaaaat?!! I said dialing her number and ignoring this text

"Hello" She answered on the second ring

"What happened? Is my mum on her way to London? Have U told her?!" I said all of the questions that passed through my mind

"Nothing  ... Yes  ... Yup" She said answer my questions that I've already forgot moment ago

"That means that they are coming" I asked again

"Yup" She answered assuring me

"When?!" Thats all what I thought about

"They are leaving the house now, all of them" She answered "Girl your family is too big" She added

"What do U mean?!" I know my family is big but not all of them are coming cuz only my parents, my sisters and I are leaving in London.

"Open the camera"

"K" I said opening the camera to find the whole family loading their cars and jumping into them .. are they all really coming ?!

"Hey hey!! What make U sure that they are all coming here?" I asked closing the camera

"I heard your mother saying .." 

"Ok that’s enough information, Thanks"


"Call U later"

"K bye" She said and we hanged up 

"Who was that?" Daissy asked while buttoning her chemise

"It was a friend from Egypt, Christine remember?" 

"Ohh yeah, What did she want?" She asked

"She was warning me from my family, the whole family are coming to London" I said while standing up from the couch

"How? and the best question is Why?!" Good question

"Idk but what I know that we need to move now" 

"Ok let’s go I'm ready"

"Bye home see U tomorrow's night" I said while locking the door

Harry's P.O.V

"Who was that?" Niall asked as soon as I hanged up with this stranger

"She that girl that owns the number which is almost similar to yours" I said trying to remind him "This girl that knows my voice and she's so sure that she knows me" I added when I found no reaction

"Ohh yeah" Finally "But while were U talking to her?" He asked

"She's the one who called me becuz I've called her few times today"

"Why" He asked

"Becuz .. I was trying to call U" Duh!!

"So why don't U save my number on this new phone line, If this girl knew that UR Harry Styles U'll buy a new one .. AGAIN" He reminds me of the reason of changing my number

"Ok ok .. I will as soon as I can, Duhh!!" I said and he rolled his eyes

"Time to go guys" Paul said and we got into the plane

"London We Are Coming" I shouted while getting into that plane, “I’m excited to play back home again" I said to the boys

"Me too bro, me too" Loui said rubbing my back

(Hey I know that U didn't get so much from me today but it was a very long day for me and I was all day out and I tried to write in every single free second I have so I hope U enjoy it X) And if UR reading this don't forget to vote and if U don't have an account on wattpad plZz make a one so u would be able to vote and comment your opinion!! ohh and Daissy is Lily Collins .. Love U all so much♥)


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