The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



7. Chapter 7 "London I'm back"

Chapter 7

I rested my head on the window and stared out of it watching the clouds moving backwards and I started thinking about my family's reaction .. What will they do ?! Will they even guess that I'm back to London?! Will they even consider that?! There's no back now and actually I don't care about them that much I'm just curious about what will they do?! I do really miss my life there I need to get it back I couldn't stand in this country any farther It was like a prison to me, I've even gained some pounds from in bed all day and night, nothing to do .. I need to get some gym classes when I'm back home .. What will I do with Bake, What will be his reaction when he knows that I here alone, that I haven't obeyed him, I don't have to obey him .. Right ?!? While will I obey him It’s all about me .. mee only me !! But he'll get mad at me for coming here by my own, lying at him, stealing my father's credit card but actually it's worth every single thing I've done .. 

While thinking about all of that I forgot my problems and those ones that I have to face with the first step I'll take out of this plane. 

"Please but your seat belts on we're about to land" That voice said taking me out of my thoughts

"Finally" I said putting my seat belt on.

After few minutes the plane landed .. as soon as I've stepped out of the plane I shouted "London I'm back for U" I'm feeling great, No its Per-Fect !! .. I got out of the airport to find Bake right in front of me waiting with his car 

"Bakiee!!" I yelled leaving my bags and running towards him giving him a big tight hug 

"I miss U so so much" I said through the hug 

"Me too Vickie me too" He said while I got out of his grab

"Where's the rest?" He asked the question .. here we go, the problems are about to start

"There's no rest"

"Whaaaat?!" I half shouted

"U heard me" I don't wanna say it again .. I don't want to admit my lie

"U did what U want right ?! as if I was saying some bullshit that U shouldn't even hear?" Now he's shouting "I said that Cuz I know what's best for U .. I know U best and I do really care for U that’s why!!" He's angry and his face is getting red "Why have U even told me that UR coming with your mum's permission?! Why have U even told me? U lied to me ?! U lied ?!" he shouted

"PlZz don't do that .. not here" I said in a worried tone .. I'm worried to lose him his my best friend 

"Why?!" He shouted again

"PlZz can we get in the car?!" I begged

"Get in" he said while putting my bags at the backseat for me and I jumped into the car .. Will I lose him?!

"How?!" He said after a long silence

"What?" I asked

"How did U do that?" He asked again "Alone" He added

"My father's credit card" I simply answered

"ohh that explains a lot “He said and then back to silence

"I'm sorry ok" I finally said it after overthinking it about 100 times

"I'm sorry Cuz I lied, Sorry because I didn't listened to U ... I'm sorry ok?" I said and I'm about to cry 

"Did U do that for the concert?"

"Whaaaaat?!" I can't believe he's thinking that way

"Did U do that .." He's repeating

"I heard U" I shut him "Do U really think that I'll do all of this for them only them?! that I will mean to hurt U for them? Why?! I've been waiting to see them for 4 years and the reason that made me wait this time will make me wait more and more" I said trying not to raise my voice.

"Then why didn't U listen to me and took this risk?" He asked

"Because  ... Life there is too hard for me to handle it" I said while taking a deep breathe and resting my back "U don't know anything about  ... me either but all what I know that I'll do anything and I mean anything to be free! Anything would be better than be locked in that house for days and weeks" I added... Now I'm getting angry

"Ok" He said


"Yeah its ok I get it U do only care about yourself" He answered me 

"Who else should I care for?" OpSss

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to say  ..." I realized my rough words

"It's ok" he cut me off

"I'm sorry  ... I'm such an idiot" I said and I mean it

"it’s ok really" He said

"Do U forgive me?" I asked him while looking at his face for emotions... Yes, confusion is what I found

"I don't know" He said while rubbing his chin

"Will U"

"I think" He answered me then he left me with my thoughts wishing that I've listened to him from the start But No I won't ever take a step back at anything in my life Never .. *U will lose him idiot he's the best friend U have ever had* my subconscious added for me... And he's right, the subconscious.

Now we are in front of my house.......

"Soooooo "I said but I was cut off when he opened his door and jumped out of the car

"Bakie plZz I'm sorry  ... U need to understand me I had my reasons, I'm sorry for not listening to U but U need to understand me." I said half begging, and I was cut once more with him shutting the backseat door and taking the bags in front of the house' door... he placed the bags on the floor in front of him waiting for me to get out the keys

"PlZz forgive me .. I don't wanna lose U" I said while getting the keys out of my handbag 

"PZz" I repeated for the thousand times when he grabbed the keys out of my hands to open the door.

"It’s ok really and to make sure that I've forgiven U .. I'll come by tonight for a while before I go with a friend to buy some new clothes ok?" He offered the best offer ever but I know him best he forgave me but he's still mad on me :( It hurts

"Ok" I simply answered taking one of the bags inside while he took the other

"Do U need a help?" He asked me

"No thanks I'm fine" I answered trying not to cry


"Yeah" I said while looking on the floor

"Ok I'll come by tonight  ... call U later, bye" He said getting out of that house

"Bye" I answered in a low voice to keep my tears until he's gone.

As soon as the door is shut my tears came out richly I couldn't force myself to stop until the door knocked.. When I opened it was him again 

"Don't cry" He said while getting out a tissue and handing it to me.

"I said I've forgiven U" He added

"I know but UR still mad at me" I said in a very sad voice

"No I'm not" He said while rubbing my arm to calm me down

"Yes UR" 

"Maybe a little but not that much that make U cry" I admitted

"See" I said and he laughed drawing a smile on my face letting my tears go away

"U can go now I'm done with crying" I said to him

"Sure?" He asked

"Yeah, UR free"

"K bye"

"Bye" I said shutting the door slightly

My phone rang... It’s an unknown number

"Hello" I answered in a low voice waiting to hear something 

"Hey dude where are U we R about to leave the airport" Dude? "Hello?" The stranger said

"Who RU?" I finally asked after realizing that I'm on line with someone idk

"Mee ?! Who RU?!" The stranger asked as if he isn't the one who called.. I know this voice, it’s so familiar

"UR the one who called  ... Whatever who do you want?!" I asked and I know that of course he doesn't want  me but I'm annoying enough to ask

"I'm sorry I think I've dialed a wrong number" He said trying to hang up but I need to know who is he ... His voice is so familiar, his thick accent. Who is he?

"No no Wait, do I know U?!" I asked him before he hang up

"Sure" He said after a short laugh "Have to go bye"

"Wait" I said but I was late .. He hanged up "Whatever" I said to myself

I need to get a help to clean this house and get some groceries .. I'll ask Daissy *My other bff*

*Hey!! I'm back in London alone can U come and help me I need U* I texted her

*Sure I'm on my way, I'll change and come immediately but why RU alone?* She texted back

*Long story I'll tell U when U come*

*K I'm coming not for U but for the story*

*Sure*  I said while laughing. 


*CU*  I texted and threw the phone on the couch and then straight to the bathroom for a shower .. It has been a long day and we're still at noon

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh" I groaned out loud on my way to the bathroom

(Hey !! I want to thank all of the readers I hope UR enjoying it, plZz don't forget to vote Cuz U can ;) and let me know your opinion or notes just comment it .. and about Bake he's my best friend and not my boyfriend for those people whom understood me wrong .. and all of this fanfic has nothing to do with my real life but I wish to have it so bad!! Don't forget to vote.. ThanX again)

"It’s my longest chapter until now ^^"


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