The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



4. Chapter 4 "2 days to go"

Chapter 4

The sunshine was dazzling enough to wake me up .. I feel like I've been sleeping for days not only few hours .. Its 9:00 am now and I'm not having enough energy to get myself out  of this bed so, I grabbed my laptop and booked my airline ticket .. 2 days to go.

"London I'm coming" I said out loud with the happiest tone ever. Then my mobile rang taking my attention .. Its Chris :)

"Hey!!" I said

"Hii, good morning lazy girl, I've called you few times to make sure that you're still alive" She said in a laughing voice. She knows my mum and her over reacting

"Hahahaha ! don't worry I'm still here even without broken bones" I said while laughing 

"Do U wanna go out or you're punished?" She asked

"I don't know if I'm punished or not but I wanna go anywhere away from here" I said while thinking about telling her that I'll go to London 2 days later but .. I didn't .. I don't need another objection.

"Ok so 30 min and I'll meet U in the hall"

"Ok but I'll sneak out .. I'll take the window" I said what came through my mind .. actually its not a bad idea

"Whaaat?!" she screamed as if she doesn't know that I'm not kidding

"You heard me"

"RU sure about that?" She asked in a worried tone


"ok see U"

"See U" I hanged up

as soon as I left the phone I went to the dresser taking my clothes and straight to the bathroom for a shower .. while I was in there my mobile kept getting notifications but I'm not sure what is it .. when I went out of the bathroom and checked my phone .. I found many text messages from Bake that made me get worried so I called him without even reading the messages.

"Hey is everything ok?" I said as soon as he answered

"everything is perfect girl One direction are coming back home after 3 days they took a sudden decision and they'll come here after 3 days" He said in an excited tone .. He's not even a directioner !!

"That’s great .. why are U so excited?" I asked " I mean you're not so into them?" I continued

"I'm excited for U !!"

"I'm stuck here remember" I reminded him .. he doesn't know my plans

"ohh !! I forgot that .. I sorry" he said with a low voice

"Its ok" I said with the same low voice .. all what I can think about now is that I'll be there in London at the time and I won't see my boys .. wait I have an idea.

"Hey can U do me a favor?!" I said in an excited tone

"Sure what is it?"

"Can U buy us the tickets and I'll convince my mum to take me to London and If I didn't come take a friend with U and I'll pay for it?" I lied a white lie .. I'll be there and he would get me tickets so I'll attempt their concert  .. Yooppppyy ^^

"Sure but RU sure that your mum would let u come home?" He asked

"Yeah I'll do my best!!"

"Sure .. I'll go and get them now"

"ok .. ThanQ so so much"

"anything for U Vicki"


"Bye" We hanged up and I started clapping my hands and jumping everywhere .. I can't believe that .. I'll meet them .. I'll see them live like face to face .. I'll see their faces after 4 years of pictures and posters and videos.

"Yesssss" I said out loud when my phone rang .. its Chris,

"oh my god I need to hurry up a little" I said while rejecting the call and then straight to the window .. I took the External staircases down to the street with a big smile on my face.

"Hey, 5 min late" She said pointing to her watch but I don't care .. I took her into a tight hug while jumping 

"Wohoo wohoo !! whats going on" she said and I sent her free

"I'm gonna meet One directio0o0o0o0o0o0oon!!" I shouted


"Believe or not thats true"

"How?!" she said with a wide eyes

"I'm going back to London 2 days later and they're having their concert 1 single day afterwards" I said while clapping my hands


"I know" I said " where are we going?" I asked

"The mall .. Duh!!"

"I need something for the concert" I said what came in across my mind

"Sure" She giggled

After a long tour all over the mall I did only get a dark colored T-shirt with long sleeves and a "TOUCH THE MOON" quote which definitely not for the concert .. I may have to wear something like the boys .. OMG!! is that Jacket like Harry's old one, and this cardigan it has Loui's colors .. I have to get them 

"Come in!!" I said grapping Christine's hand straight to the shop

"So what do u think?!" I said while getting out of the fitting room showing her the Jacket on me 

"Cool !! Thats definitely  for the concert"


"Excuse me Ladies .. this piece is for men" A blonde middle aged man said

"Soo?!" I asked

"Are U sure U'll take it?" He asked

"Yup!! I'm a directioner so why I care if I'm wearing a boys stuff?" I said trying to explain .. "people will never get how is life to be a girl directioner" I added with a low voice

"Sure .. I'm sorry" He said while moving away

"I'll take this and the cardigan" I said to Christine

"Sure .. and I'll take the other color of this cardigan"

"ok .. Lets go!!" I said on my way to the cashier

After we left the mall we walked all the way home Cuz I don't like to take those taxi's or buses walking is the best .. after reaching the hall I took my phone out *35 missed call from mum .. 7 from Bakie and 3 texts from him*

"Shit" I whispered

"I'll take the stairs" 

"I'll take the elevator, I can't walk one more step"

"Ok" I said on my way to the stairs knowing that there's an upcoming  or a world war 3


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